Author: Jane Thomas

Jane is an experienced campaigner and former university politics lecturer. She was head of the England team for Friends of the Earth and more recently coordinated the Brexit Civil Society Alliance. Jane is a committed devolutionist - she helped set up the campaign for the English regions and was director of Campaign for Yorkshire until 2004. Jane has three grown up children and lives in Sheffield with her husband, where she is involved with Sheffield’s Fairness Campaign.

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Local lockdown by stealth

Jane Thomas
Local lockdown Kirklees

Jane Thomas writes about the new government advice on local lockdowns due to the Indian variant spreading quickly; areas were not told about the information, and local leaders feel left out of the loop. If the road map out of the pandemic is to succeed, more government planning is needed.

Statesmanship, not brinkmanship, needed for Northern Ireland

Jane Thomas
Northern Ireland Boris Johnson

As the prime minister continues to resist calls to hold a special crisis summit to address the growing violence in Northern Ireland, this is your daily reminder that the longer you ignore something, the worse it gets. Actions, and inactions, have consequences. So does the doublespeak that Boris Johnson’s fond of. In 2018, Sky News […]

Labour’s Brexit radio silence ends

Jane Thomas

It seems that Labour is finally getting its act together on holding the government’s feet to the fire over Brexit, after what has appeared like a few months of sidestepping the issue.

Brazil variant: did the chancellor budget for test and trace failures?

Jane Thomas

A failed track and trace programme. Locking down too late, lifting too early. The fact that the quarantine compliance is voluntary and not enforced (as in other countries). An incomprehensible border policy. It’s this that has cost the economy as much as anything. And that’s what the chancellor should have concentrated on today, and be fixing tomorrow.

Freeport plans signal turbulent times ahead

Jane Thomas

Just as there’s no such thing as a free lunch, this is true of freeports too. There will be costs, and it’s likely to be cash-strapped local authorities picking up the tab, again. This is unlikely to be a root and branch attack on the inequalities in the UK, and it adds little to the levelling-up agenda. We should expect better from the chancellor.

Slaying the five giants: time for a new Beveridge

Jane Thomas

As the pandemic continues to inflict untold misery on families and communities in this country, the true cost and scale of the economic impact is becoming more apparent. It comes on the back of years of austerity, and decades during which the welfare state has been gradually eroded. Perhaps it’s now time to revisit the aims and principles that led to its creation, and look again at the Beveridge Report.

A new chapter for Labour, or a turning of the page?

Jane Thomas

At some stage, Starmer is going to have to acknowledge the damage that Brexit is inflicting to businesses, to a range of sectors such as the arts, and to different parts of the country. Some industries like fishing will never be the same. If, as he said today, this is a call to arms to diagnose the condition of Britain, then he has to recognise the symptoms and treat them – and that includes the negative impacts of Brexit.


Northern Ireland protocol: neither Armageddon nor nirvana

Jane Thomas

The fact that the Northern Ireland protocol – designed to prevent a hard border on the island of Ireland – is being put to the test so early, is no big surprise. It was always going to result in additional customs checks somewhere, and those checks landed firmly at the Northern Ireland ports, for goods crossing from Britain to Northern Ireland.

UK fails its world-beating test on border control

Jane Thomas

As an island we really have no excuse. But our border policy has been elusive, at best. The government’s responses are invariably too little, too late or subsequently get dumped or changed. The most recent response around border controls will take effect next Monday, 15 February, 382 days since the virus first appeared on our shores.

Vaccine race leaves no winners

Jane Thomas

Vaccine nationalism plays straight into the hands of this footloose-and-fancy-free virus. A virus that does not respect borders and will happily mutate to survive. A global pandemic is just that – global. And if you want to stop it, the only way is to make sure globally the vaccine is available to all.

Stay-at-home Johnson has Batley in his sights

Jane Thomas

‘Stay home, Save Lives’ just isn’t working for some people – including our prime minister. In a bid to make sure we all know which caped hero has come to the rescue with the vaccine, Boris Johnson today visited the Al-Hikmah Centre in Batley, one of the vaccine hubs recently opened in Yorkshire.

Destination devolution

Jane Thomas

The pressures for greater local control are growing and cannot be ignored. Devolution may not be a destination, but for some it sure looks a better road to travel on than the current path offered by Westminster.

Yorkshire vaccine rollout takes a hit

Jane Thomas

Without an effective test, trace isolate programme – and with the abject failure to deal with what happens at our borders to stop the international flow of the virus – vaccination is our only way out of this. And that is why any delay to roll out OR compromise of efficacy is concerning.

Withdrawing the benefit lifeline will leave many adrift

Jane Thomas

Jane Thomas looks at how scrapping the universal credit uplift of £20 a week would have the biggest impact in the poorest towns in England. “The promise of levelling up is receding not growing – and unless the chancellor changes tack, the opportunities for our poorest will be swept away.”

‘Levelling-up’ government guts Transport for the North

Jane Thomas

Sheffield campaigner Jane Thomas reacts to the news that Transport for the North’s budget has been cut by 40 percent, a harsh blow to dreams of levelling up the north. “If the government does not support this through proper funding of local authorities, and through deeper devolution, the levelling-up agenda will never happen.”

Starmer puts down markers for general election in latest speech

Jane Thomas

Jane Thomas analyses Keir Starmer’s latest speech and a change of tone from the leader of the opposition. “Starmer is right – in 2021 we need to write a new chapter, and we do need to build back better. But in the meantime we need to protect the most vulnerable and have a viable exit strategy for the awfulness that currently envelopes the country”.

Freedom of movement continues for the coronavirus

Jane Thomas

For a country so hell bent on taking back control of its borders, it appears that there are absolutely no controls for Covid-19, allowing this deadly virus the freedom of movement denied to so many of us now we have left the EU.

Vaccine chaos as UK reaches the eye of the covid storm

Jane Thomas

The vaccine programme that was to form a central part of our route out of Covid-19 has been thrown into total disarray, following a series of chaotic government announcements. With its ‘mix ‘n match’ approach and delayed schedule, the government is no longer following the science.