Author: Andy Brown

Andy is a Green Party councillor and is leader of the Green group on Craven District Council. He has stood for parliament three times in Skipton and Ripon. He began his career as a college lecturer before becoming head of Hillsborough College in Sheffield and then director of young people’s learning for Yorkshire. He is a beekeeper, writes regularly on nature for the Yorkshire Post, and has had a lifelong interest in economics.

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Pandemic: from local to international

Andy Brown

Andy Brown explains the importance of looking after the environment in preventing future pandemics like Covid-19, and the steps governments around the world could take to stop zoonotic diseases.

Separating truth from lie: Cummings gives evidence

Andy Brown
Cummings giving evidence

In the run up to Cummings giving evidence today, the government seems to have been trying to limit the damage of his testimony. The question is, why was it so important to listen to him a year ago, but so wrong to listen to him now?

They said “It must never happen again”, then it nearly did

Andy Brown
new providence place

Andy Brown writes about the fire at New Providence Place, where residents were trapped and over 100 firefighters were needed to put out the flames. Sadly, memories of Grenfell are brought back. Deregulation of financial services, and now the building industry, have led to people being put at a huge risk.

A taxing inheritance

Andy Brown
British tax and inheritance

One of the great joys of reading Jane Austin novels is the skill with which she deals with the tension between young people wanting romantic love and a society in which an inheritance was necessary if you were going to comfortably enjoy life with your chosen partner. Her characters suffer from the indignities of being […]

Lies, liars and the prime minister

Andy Brown
Prime Minister Liar

Andy Brown points out that Boris Johnson is a good liar; he has lied about Northern Ireland, Brexit, and now his private life, and it has come to the point where his inability to tell the truth renders him incapable of running the country.

Russian lessons and Putin’s playbook

Andy Brown
Putin's playbook

In Russia and the UK, nationalism, authoritarianism and extraction economics is a dangerous combination. It’s therefore vitally important that we resist every step on the dangerous journey away from an open society. Before it’s too late.

The environmental dangers of mining the ocean depths

Andy Brown
mining ocean

Andy Brown reveals the dangers of mining the ocean. Environmental damage in the sea is difficult to clean, and oil and gas extraction is a threat to sea wildlife. If we want to pass on a healthy ocean to younger generations, change must happen.


Human-induced crises: the beginning not the end?

Andy Brown

Andy Brown explains how changes in human life, such as removing large areas of forests, has put us closer to wildlife and therefore pandemics and natural disasters. Human-induced climate crises must be taken seriously by politicians around the world.

Defence spending and the nuclear option

Andy Brown
Defence spending nuclear

Andy Brown asks why the government is so keen to look to expanding its nuclear arsenal, while it cuts its aid budget and army size. The nuclear option has not helped us in recent conflicts, building strong alliances and looking to the warfare of the future is the answer.

Cheap tricks from our wealthy chancellor

Andy Brown

Andy Brown breaks down the problems with the Chancellor, looking at its impact on care, education, waste management, and the government’s use of back room deals, cheap tricks, and pork barrel politics.

Budget blues from the Blues

Andy Brown

this budget is good at sounding good. As for genuine new thinking and policies that seriously face up to the challenges of an economy in crisis, then that has been much harder to detect. This is a chancellor who told us that getting out of the European Union would help business and provide a boost to the British economy. As the slow burn damage of that decision starts to kick in, we’re entitled to have our doubts. Is Sunak’s judgment really to be trusted?


Is Sir Keir Starmer really “worthy but dull”?

Andy Brown

Andy Brown, Green Party councillor on Craven District Council, reviews the recent speech from Sir Keir Starmer and regrets the lack of leadership on issues like Brexit and how to bring progressive parties together to achieve their aims.