The Yorkshire Bylines Podcast

Why not listen to a Yorkshire Bylines’ podcast on a topic that interests you? In the coming weeks we will be adding more podcasts along with some linked articles for you to enjoy

PODCAST No 3 Grace Pritchard in “The Agriculture Bill returns …” talks to Joe Stanley, a farmer and conservationist from the East Midlands, and Natalie Bennett, Green Party peer, about the importance of the agriculture bill, currently going through parliament.

PODCAST No 2 Grace Pritchard in “Proper devolution” talks to Jane Thomas, Andy Brown and John Harris about devolution in Yorkshire, what it looks like now and how it’s set to change and develop in the future.

PODCAST No 1 – In “A Britain of two nations”, Grace Pritchard speaks to writers Marc Limon and Charlie McCarthy about the inequalities inherent in our educational system and wider society. Don’t forget to let us know what you think!