The Bylines Network Podcast

21 March: Mo Kanjilal interviews Stephanie Prior, standing invitee on Brighton and Hove City Council’s tourism, equalities, communities and culture committee. Mo and Stephanie discuss the importance of encouraging representation at a local level, and what can be done to lower barriers to entry into politics.
14 March: Grace Pritchard speaks with Dr Pam Jarvis and Dr Stella Perrott about coercive control. They discuss how governments use human psychology to avoid scrutiny, looking in particular at the current government’s handling of the covid pandemic and victim blaming.
7 March: Catch up with our “Democracy under Fire” webinar, featuring Peter Jukes (Byline Times), Tom Brake (Unlock Democracy), Clive Lewis (Labour Party), and Natalie Bennett (Green Party). Discussing the threats facing democracy in the 21st century, from press freedom to our antiquated voting system
28 February: The Bylines Network podcast starts in the North East! Host Ellie Rainsley speaks with Tees Valley mayoral candidate Jessie Joe Jacobs about the coronavirus, devolution, and reaching out to communities left behind by the political establishment.

Yorkshire Bylines original podcast with Grace Pritchard in “The Agriculture Bill returns …” talks to Joe Stanley, a farmer and conservationist from the East Midlands, and Natalie Bennett, Green Party peer, about the importance of the agriculture bill, currently going through parliament.

Yorkshire Bylines original podcast with Grace Pritchard in “Proper devolution” talks to Jane Thomas, Andy Brown and John Harris about devolution in Yorkshire, what it looks like now and how it’s set to change and develop in the future.

Yorkshire Bylines original podcast – in “A Britain of two nations”, Grace Pritchard speaks to writers Marc Limon and Charlie McCarthy about the inequalities inherent in our educational system and wider society. Don’t forget to let us know what you think!

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