Send your MP a copy of the Davis Downside Dossier

The first 1,000 Brexit downsides all in one PDF, categorised by sector

We want all MPs, from every party, to receive this document. Please send your MP a copy of the PDF, or a link to it, with your own message*. For more information about the dossier, see our article on it here.

You can check who your MP is here if you are unsure. Confirm in your email to them that you are their constituent and provide your address, or they may just ignore your email.

MPs are only obliged to correspond with their own constituents and many will not respond to automated campaigns.

You can download the PDF from here:

Check the list at the bottom of this page to see whether your MP has already received a copy of the dossier from someone else, but don’t let this stop you sending your own. The more opportunities they have to view the first 1,000 downsides of Brexit, the more they will reflect on the impact this has had on us.

Then, please complete the form shown here, to let us know which MP you’ve sent it to. We’re keeping a running total and will update the list daily.

And please support our crowdfunder if you can. We are citizen journalists and rely on donations for our long-term sustainability!

*writing a personal message is really important to help ensure your letter or email is read by your MP. An example message is shown here which we’ve generated using ChatGPT AI!

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Please support our crowdfunder

Please note this list is view only and is updated manually once a day.

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