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World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day 2021

Kerry Pearson
world red cross day

Kerry Pearson remembers the creation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent after the First World War; on 8 May, the charity celebrates World Red Cross Day, a time to remember their values and recognise the hard work of their volunteers who work to make the world a safer place.


Biden’s first 100 days come to an end

Kerry Pearson

Kerry Pearson concludes the ‘Biden 100’ series with a piece covering the key policies and executive orders Joe Biden has passed. He has had a phenomenon 100 days, but undoubtedly faces challenges ahead, now that the honeymoon with congress is over.


Biden’s 100-day approval rating

Jack Walker
biden's approval rating

As a final piece for the ‘Biden 100’ series, Jack Walker looks at the approval rating of the new president. Biden ranks highly in the opinions of non-white Americans, young people and college students, but his average rating, 57%, falls short of Obama, George W Bush, and Reagan.

Russian lessons and Putin’s playbook

Andy Brown
Putin's playbook

In Russia and the UK, nationalism, authoritarianism and extraction economics is a dangerous combination. It’s therefore vitally important that we resist every step on the dangerous journey away from an open society. Before it’s too late.


Boycott Beijing Winter Olympics

Edward McMillan-Scott
beijing winter olympics

Edward McMillan-Scott lays out the reasons countries should boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics. The country is guilty of all five acts of genocide, and persecution continues to spread across the region.

The environmental dangers of mining the ocean depths

Andy Brown
mining ocean

Andy Brown reveals the dangers of mining the ocean. Environmental damage in the sea is difficult to clean, and oil and gas extraction is a threat to sea wildlife. If we want to pass on a healthy ocean to younger generations, change must happen.

That Amazon vote: what went wrong?

Granville Williams
amazon vote

Granville Williams writes about the Amazon vote which was given to workers who voiced their discontentment with their treatment and working conditions. The ballot, however, was run in a way which made it difficult for workers to vote, and was ultimately a setback for trade unionism.

Being Irish in Britain: Irishness, Britishness and me

Aidan Enright
Irish culture

Aidan Enright describes his battle, as an Irish in Britain, between his ‘British’ and ‘Irish’ identity. After being submerged in both cultures, he feels drawn to both. After heavy debate around Brexit in Britain though, he often yearns for his Irish home.


Human-induced crises: the beginning not the end?

Andy Brown

Andy Brown explains how changes in human life, such as removing large areas of forests, has put us closer to wildlife and therefore pandemics and natural disasters. Human-induced climate crises must be taken seriously by politicians around the world.

German elections: life without Mutti

Michael Hindley
German elections

Michael Hindley explains the system of German elections. The CDU, and its leader, Angela Merkel, are not doing as well as before. Who will be the next CDU leader? And is there set to be a coalition?


British PhD student deported from Sweden

Michael Hawgood
Deported from Sweden

This PhD student was refused entry to Sweden due to the bureaucratic obstacles created by Brexit. Moving to an EU country as a third-country national is not a simple process, as UK citizens are now discovering.

Post-Brexit immigration

Dr Stella Perrott
immigration economic benefits

Stella Perrott lays out the benefits of immigration to the UK, and explains what this will look like post-Brexit. Broadening the immigration pool across the globe will lead to exploitation of the less-well-developed nations, as they provide the UK with their skills and talents, but receive little in return.