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Why Russians are shunning covid vaccines

Stephen Davis
covid vaccines russia

With the arrival of the more virulent Delta-variant, the course of the pandemic in Russia looks uncertain and potentially ominous. Is forcing vaccination in order for citizens to work or go out the answer, or a better understanding and education of the vaccine?


Protecting our planet’s rainforests in Canada

Nina Cole
fairy creek rainforest canada

The Canadian government is failing to stop the complete eradication of the last old-growth heritage western cedar in a rainforest area that is as unique and important as the Amazon for a healthy planet.

Taking the knee: it’s coming home

Roger Winterbottom
Taking the knee

As some of the England fans boo their own players before a ball has even been kicked in the European Championships, Roger Winterbottom wonders whether it’s all really just a philosophical debate.


Government cuts in international aid may affect women and girls

Pauline Allon
International aid cuts

In Malawi, covid and the lack of tourism has ground much of the local economy to a halt, leaving many established tourist destinations, particularly in game parks, reserves and lodges near to Lake Malawi, empty and silent. In this context, the international aid cuts recently proposed by our government will have a devastating impact.

Pandemic: from local to international

Andy Brown

Andy Brown explains the importance of looking after the environment in preventing future pandemics like Covid-19, and the steps governments around the world could take to stop zoonotic diseases.

Racial equality: Peter Norman and the 1968 Olympics

Paul Bright
Peter Norman

Paul Bright writes about Peter Norman at the 1968 Olympics, where he made a show of solidarity to racial equality by standing with Carlos and Smith as they made the black power salute; today, many athletes take a knee, or sit for the national anthem.

Israel–Palestine: another opportunity wasted?

Ian Kinsey

Is the path to a Middle East initiative through Israel-Palestine bilateral economic agreements, at the sacrifice of a Palestinian homeland and perhaps Israeli security? Or will a favoured two-state political solution, brokered by the Quartet, bring about a lasting peace?

The Council of Europe and the UK

Michael Hindley
council of europe

Michael Hindley writes about the history of Council of Europe (which is often confused with the EU); Churchill was ardently in favour of its creation. Out of the Council came the European Convention on Human Rights (later the ECHR) which was essential at the time of the collapse of the USSR.