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Post-Brexit immigration

Dr Stella Perrott
immigration economic benefits

Stella Perrott lays out the benefits of immigration to the UK, and explains what this will look like post-Brexit. Broadening the immigration pool across the globe will lead to exploitation of the less-well-developed nations, as they provide the UK with their skills and talents, but receive little in return.

Run with the Fox

Roger Winterbottom
Fox Freedom of Speech

Is there an oppressed minority on the political right who have been dominated into silence? Will no-one stand up for them? Cometh the hour, cometh the Fox. Roger Winterbottom wonders what it is they really want to say.

Stereotypes of Brits abroad

Sue Wilson
brits abroad stereotype

Sue Wilson, who lives in Spain, challenges the stereotype of Brits abroad, suggesting that the press are responsible for the image of gin-drinking, golf players. She points out that until EU citizens in the UK are called ‘expats’, she too will remain a ‘British immigrant’.

Census 2021: who am I?

Rick Dillon
Census parents Dillon

One of the stand-out episodes for me in historian David Olusoga’s series Black and British: A Forgotten History was when he traced the descendants of 18th and 19th century black Britons. One man, Cedric Barber, could recite the names of his father’s father, his grandfather’s father and so on, going back to a Georgian gentleman, […]

Is Test and Trace as bad as people are saying?

Jimmy Andrex
Roy Lilley Test and Trace

One prominent NHS figure thinks we need to re-evaluate our thinking on Test and Trace. “Shurely Shome Mistake?” Test and Trace is really a winner! If everybody’s saying something, it must be true, right? Usually, the answer is yes, for a good reason, though this truism is lost on people like the Flat Earth Society. […]

Parliamentary democracy is corrupted

Steve Pottinger
Democracy is corrupted

“Hello, you’re through to our helpline!” “Thank god!” “How may we be of service today?” “It’s my operating system…” “Yes?” “I think it’s corrupted.” “OK, we can help with that.” “Great.” “This is usually a simple fix, sir…” “Really?” “Let’s just run through a few checks…” “Right…” “And see where that gets us.” “Perfect, thanks.” […]

Zero covid for the UK?

Helen Johnson
Zero covid

Helen Johnson reports from an event by the Zero Covid Alliance, asking whether a zero covid strategy would have been better. Countering previous arguments by the government that Zero Covid would have been unnecessary, and that pursuing a strategy more like New Zealand’s would have been more fruitful.

Ignorance and complacency on the Irish border

Anthony Robinson
Theresa May

It is now clear that the massive constitutional, economic and political importance of the Irish border issue raised by Brexit and routinely dismissed at the time, were not appreciated at the highest level of government until as late as early 2018 and arguably not until the last few weeks.

Curtailing our fundamental right to protest is a threat to democracy

Amanda Robinson

Democracy and the right to protest. This week the government set out its plans for new police powers that will limit the ability to take part in peaceful protests. This is a move recently witnessed in fascist states and is the latest in a series of actions that the government has taken to reduce the rights of British citizens.

Don’t hate the monarchs, hate the monarchy

Alex Toal
Buckingham Palace Monarchy

Alex Toal argues that we should hate the institution of the monarchy, not the monarch. With the monarchy a block on constitutional reform and a symbol of inequality on several levels, it needs to go.


Covid poetry journal turns lockdown into art

Jimmy Andrex

A year ago, as we entered a thing called lockdown, people dealt with it in different ways. As is often the case when in denial facing a traumatic situation, people routinely announced via social media that this was their opportunity to paint the fence, write THAT novel, take up ceramics or learn the clarinet. In […]

Cheap tricks from our wealthy chancellor

Andy Brown

Andy Brown breaks down the problems with the Chancellor, looking at its impact on care, education, waste management, and the government’s use of back room deals, cheap tricks, and pork barrel politics.