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Brexit 100

Covid and the treatment of Brits in the EU

Sue Wilson
Brits in Spain

Brits in the EU are traditionally ignored by mainstream media, unless they misbehave. Sue Wilson comments on the treatment of Brits abroad and the recent refusal of entry into Spain. Both covid and Brexit played a role in this.

Brexit 100

The good the bad and the ugly: Brexit, farming and food

Vicki Hird
Brexit Farming Food

Breaking with the EU has already been hard, but if we start to really diverge in food standards – such as on gene editing, pesticides or antibiotic use – our farmers and food manufacturers are likely to find our biggest, closest and most amenable marketplace quickly closing its doors

Hey Serco, can we have our money back?

David Goff
track and trace serco

David Goff points out that vast amounts of money have been spent on a Track and Trace system which doesn’t even work, and was set up in the name of the NHS. Billions have been spent on an app which could have been spent on food parcels, surgical gowns and PPE. Can we have our money back?

Brexit 100

Brexit and trade, the story so far

Anthony Robinson
Brexit Trade

It is now abundantly clear that the massive overnight changes to trade terms, which industry only learned about with seven days to go and with inadequate guidance and woeful preparations, have been a disaster for Britain’s £700 billion a year trade with the EU.

Brexit 100

Announcing our new series: 100 days of Brexit

Bylines Network
Brexit 100

Legend has it that Roosevelt’s radio address on 24 July 1933 gave us the phrase “first 100 days” although some maintain the concept has its roots in Bonaparte’s France. Whatever its origins, there is a wide-held belief that there’s a magic honeymoon period for a new president, prime minister, or administration, that allows them significant […]

Defence spending and the nuclear option

Andy Brown
Defence spending nuclear

Andy Brown asks why the government is so keen to look to expanding its nuclear arsenal, while it cuts its aid budget and army size. The nuclear option has not helped us in recent conflicts, building strong alliances and looking to the warfare of the future is the answer.


Racial disparities within healthcare: a virus in our NHS

Qaiys Abu Qaoud
racial disparities nhs

Racial disparities within our healthcare system are a virus that plagues the NHS. People from minority ethnic backgrounds in the UK face worse outcomes personally and professionally, as both patients and healthcare staff. The Covid-19 pandemic has only served to highlight these longstanding injustices.

Unpaid rent: the UK’s fastest growing debt problem

Charlie McCarthy
rental crisis

Charlie McCarthy explains the emerging problem of unpaid rent and the UK’s debt crisis. Social housing in Britain has suffered over the past decades. The pandemic itself, despite the ban on evictions, has also meant young renters have been worst-impacted with high rents and poorly maintained properties.


Crisis in UK social care funding

John Cole
Social care

On the day that he became prime minster, Boris Johnson declared, “We will fix the crisis in social care once and for all with a clear plan we have prepared”. Eighteen months later nothing has been seen of this ‘clear plan’, with no mention of social care financing in the recent budget.

Media news roundup

Barry White
media roundup

Barry White presents a roundup of the latest media news, as media ownership becomes more concentrated, GB News prepares for launch, and more job losses are announced at the BBC.

Debunking the lunacy of #NotAllMen

Jack Walker
#notallmen lunacy

Jack Walker picks apart the lunacy of the hashtag #NotAllMen, which attempts to make people aware that not all men harass women. He acknowledges the privilege that men possess in terms of safety, and urges men to do more by calling out misogyny.

Are young people citizens of nowhere in the politics of place?

Alex Toal
politics of place

Alex Toal asks, are young people left as citizens of nowhere by our system which prioritises the politics of place over the politics of the nation? With young people more mobile than any generation before them, their politics is increasingly focused on national issues rather than local ones. Our system still fails them.