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Hull leaders give their residents a chance to have their voices heard

Yorkshire Bylines

Local firms in Hull have launched the Hull Together survey, on behalf of Hull Council, giving residents a voice in the city’s affairs.

“Whether you were born in Hull or you’ve recently arrived in the city, your opinions, praise, concerns and grumbles about the issues that matter in your community – safety, employment, education, migration, integration and more – are needed to contribute to positive change.”

Actions speak louder than words for new MP Alexander Stafford


Juvenal’s latest expose looks at Alexander Stafford, the new MP for Rother Valley. A compliant Conservative backbencher, Stafford has employed the language of culture wars to appeal to his base, while championing environmental reform to the more progressive media.

“Primarily drinking British gin”: admissions to an 18th century York asylum

Pen Hemingway

Pen Hemingway looks at the history of The Retreat, an 18th century Quaker-run asylum in York which pioneered treatment for the mentally ill. Hemingway writes about some of the patients admitted to the hospital, and how they were treated. “The Retreat may well have been a pioneer in terms of its treatment of its patients, but many of us will be grateful of being born in somewhat more enlightened days that allowed us to avoid ending up there.”

Doncaster woman incarcerated for conduct unbecoming

Martin Brooks

Martin Brooks looks at the story of Mary Heaton, committed to Wakefield asylum for challenging male authority: “Men owe it to women to recognise and take charge of their own emotional responses rather than demean or punish women for having theirs.”


Vital venues: Hyde Park Book Club

Marcus Cain

Marcus Cain visits the Hyde Park Book Club in Leeds, one of many venues impacted by the pandemic. He speaks to HPBC’s owner Jack about his work keeping the venue alive in such extraordinary times, along with a local performer.

Apple Latkes for the Festival of Lights

Meryl White

In every celebration, it’s customary to eat traditional recipes which have been passed down the generations. Hanukkah follows the same pattern with an amazing feast of foods to celebrate the Jewish ‘Festival of Lights’. Hanukkah is the Hebrew and Arabic word that means ‘dedication’ and it’s often called the ‘Festival of lights’, as a candle […]


Wife for sale

Pen Hemingway

Pen Hemingway looks at the 19th century practice of ‘wife sales’. Looked down on by middle-class journalists of the time, the act may in fact have been a way for women, still the legal property of their husbands, to escape abusive or unhappy marriages.

Calling time for Sheffield business

Jane Thomas

Jane Thomas examines the impact of Brexit and the coronavirus to the economy of Sheffield, speaking to local business leaders in the city. The two crises are perfectly suited to each other, with Brexit impacting the few businesses who have escaped relatively unscathed from the pandemic.


Leeds Bradford Airport: the planning application that isn’t what it seems

Andrew Tait

A look at some of the false claims made by the company behind the Leeds Bradford Airport expansion plans. This includes the claim that it is not in fact an expansion, and the claim that certain categories of nighttime flights don’t count towards overall limits of night flights. This is being opposed by local residents, including the Group for Action on Leeds Bradford Airport.

Fears for tiers

Jane Thomas

Jane Thomas breaks down the announcement of Tier 3 for much of Yorkshire, and the impending chaos of the UK’s departure from the transition period. Will there be a national lockdown to help ease the congestion at ports on New Year’s Day? We’ll have to wait and see.

Interview with: Hugh Goulbourne – lawyer and activist running for nomination to be Labour Party candidate for West Yorkshire Mayor

Alex Toal

Alex interviews Hugh Goulbourne, one of three candidates shortlisted to be Labour’s nominee for West Yorkshire mayor. Goulbourne has an experience in grassroots activism and business leadership, and has worked on a number of mayoral campaigns before his own. His plans for the region include a cycle superhighway, citizens assemblies, and an authority-wide transport app.

Bradford’s school for storytelling

Yorkshire Bylines

Bowling Park School in Bradford has a storyteller in residence. It seems that the school is ahead of the curve as the science, education and business worlds are talking about the benefits and potential of storytelling, many more are putting it into practice.

Devolution dilemma in North Yorkshire

Charlie McCarthy

The government’s plan for new unitary authorities is causing division in North Yorkshire, where no agreement has yet been reached on how this will look. Various proposals have been submitted, with NYCC and York City Council agreeing on one structure, while the shire councils mostly agree on another.


Roller skating – it’s not just for kids!

Amy Day

Along came the pandemic … life stopped. Eating biscuits became an Olympic sport. We were all doing our constitutional walks, but in terms of getting my jeans on and buttoned up, walking on its own was never going to cut it …