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Yorkshire film seeks to turn the tide on post-Brexit coastal decline

Jimmy Andrex

Brexit means the United Kingdom’s fishing industry is under the microscope as never before. A new film made in Yorkshire, seeks to help us to understand fishing’s crucial importance to people in coastal communities. Shot in Scarborough and supported by the British Film Institute, The Tide stars Game of Thrones actor Francis Magee and will premiere […]


World hearing day: living with tinnitus

Louise Houghton

I’ve been living with tinnitus since 2005, from the day my son was born. I hear it at two levels: a high-pitched screech or whistle, alongside a loud shushing noise. And it’s 24/7. It will never go away, and the only way to reduce it is to try not to think about it – which is almost impossible, as anyone know who’s tried really hard not to think about something!

Freeport plans signal turbulent times ahead

Jane Thomas

Just as there’s no such thing as a free lunch, this is true of freeports too. There will be costs, and it’s likely to be cash-strapped local authorities picking up the tab, again. This is unlikely to be a root and branch attack on the inequalities in the UK, and it adds little to the levelling-up agenda. We should expect better from the chancellor.


History and heritage Yorkshire: King’s Manor, York

John Heywood

To me, King’s Manor is the perfect example of both an historic building and a major heritage asset. It has national, regional, and local significance and its use, especially for educational purposes, over such a long period of time, has touched the lives of many, mainly young people. Now that must be worth valuing and keeping.

Drax power station: it’s not easy being green

Andy Brown

Drax has now decided to move away from its proposals for small gas-fired stations and recognises that these would indeed be incompatible with Britain’s climate change targets. Instead they are putting their faith in wood burning and carbon capture.

Reopening schools: view from year 11

Charlie McCarthy

Charlie McCarthy looks at the reality of opening schools, with personal testimony from a teenager affected and professional evidence from the scientific community, to show just how how difficult both home schooling and reopening schools are.

Performance poetry sent to councillors in climate plea

Lesley Hatfield

This week, East Riding Council finally declared a climate emergency. It came after almost two years of campaigning from local groups, and after two sets of twins sent a video to the councillors, performing a poem they’d created calling for urgent action on climate change.

Reorganise the deckchairs North Yorkshire, there’s an iceberg ahead

Andy Brown

It is now official. All the local councils across the whole of North Yorkshire will be abolished without any of the electors being consulted at the ballot box about whether that is what they want. In other words the big issue has been decided for you but if you insist on trying to put forward your opinion you will be reluctantly allowed to say something about which of the two bad choices you might prefer, by answering some highly loaded questions.

Leeds Bradford Airport expansion: the economy or the environment?

Brian McHugh

Brian McHugh asks if now is the time to be expanding the Leeds-Bradford airport: “Net zero emissions needs to be changed to zero emissions. The time is coming for an ethical and legal re-think on fossil fuel expansion plans. No longer can we continue to build for a fossil fuel reliant future.”

Fiesta time in the Rhubarb Triangle

Meryl White

Rhubarb was especially popular in Victorian times and cookery books of the era were full of recipes for pies, custards, fools, jams, jellies and chutneys. Growers in an area around Leeds, Wakefield and Pontefract discovered that the soil was particularly conducive to producing early sweet rhubarb in dark forcing sheds, and that harvesting it by candlelight would bring it to market in a pink and luscious state. This became known as the Rhubarb Triangle.

Why it is in Labour’s interest to speak out on Brexit

Mike Buckley

Winning from Opposition is hard. Labour is entirely right to face towards the future and to have a laser-like focus on winning votes. But it should recognise that giving Johnson space to create a narrative that says the pandemic caused all the harm and Brexit is our ticket to a bright new future will only harm Labour’s chances.

Let’s have some flippin’ fun with pancakes

Meryl White

Flipping ‘eck – it’s Pancake Day today, so let’s use ingredients such as sugar, fat and eggs before the beginning of Lent and 40 days of fasting leading to Easter. Well, that’s the tradition, which goes back for centuries.


East Yorkshire poet pokes hole in glass ceiling

Jimmy Andrex

A pensioner performing a poem about male breast cancer, a York indie publisher, and a whole heap of persistence, have come together to produce a debut poetry collection for one writer at the tender age of 68.