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In the shadows: Albert Wainwright

John Heywood
abert wainwright

John Heywood remembers the life of Albert Wainwright, who was born and raised in Castleford, but is often thrust into the shadows because of Henry Moore. Wainwright’s work was influential in the creation of Leeds theatres, in highlighting the struggles of being gay at the time, and for criticisng the Nazi regime.

Stay at homes win at Hartlepool

Helen Davidson

Helen Davidson reviews the results in the Hartlepool by-election. Turnout was 42.3% and Conservative gains were obtained from mostly Brexit voters. Why people stayed at home and didn’t come out to vote, is unknown; but what is known is that the winner of the election was indifference.


Buses top the agenda as West Yorkshire heads to the polls

Matthew Topham
Better buses West Yorkshire

Bringing our buses into public control has been a key issue in the race to elect West Yorkshire’s first mayor, with coverage in the BBC election debate and many identifying it as a top priority. That’s thanks to local people who have made the case for change. Buses will be key to building back better […]

Local elections preview: West Yorkshire

Alex Toal
West Yorkshire

Alex Toal finishes his local elections preview with a look at West Yorkshire. The county’s districts have a third of their councillors up for election, in addition to the first ever mayoral race.

Pie of the Week: Castle Cafe, Wakefield

Jimmy Andrex

Can a Wakefield pie heal an ailing nation? Last Sunday I saw a pig’s penis. Now I can’t unsee it. They are actually shaped like a corkscrew. I thought it was an urban myth, you know, the stuff teenage boys say to each other because they can’t talk to girls.  Like when a kid told […]

Julian Smith’s three jobs give cause for concern

Julian Smith

Julian Smith’s latest job for MJM Marine makes him one of the highest-earning MPs in parliament. What’s more, it appears that at least two of his three new employers benefited from his time as secretary of state for Northern Ireland.

NHS privatisation: the big sell-off, lock, stock and barrel

Professor Juliet Lodge
NHS privatisation

The big question is – will our Yorkshire MPs be at the EveryDoctor press briefing on the growing privatisation of the NHS tomorrow at 11 am tomorrow? The EveryDoctor campaign group and its supporters have sent out some 2,400 emails inviting all 650 of our MPs to attend. So far only just over 90 have signed up, including Hull East’s Labour MP, Karl Turner.

Local elections preview: South Yorkshire

Alex Toal

Alex Toal previews the local elections in South Yorkshire. With elections in all four of the county’s boroughs: Rotherham, Barnsley, Sheffield, and Doncaster, a lot is to play for. A lot may change, in the four major trends in the region. Exciting moves up ahead!


Doncaster Conservative councillor defects to the Green Party

Tony Nicholson
Jonathan Wood

Earlier this year, Councillor Jonathan Wood, who has been a councillor representing the rural Sprotbrough Ward in Doncaster for the last 12 years, defected from the Conservatives and joined the Green Party. On 28 February he finally cut up his membership card explaining that “For some time, it has been clear to me that the interests […]

The Batley Cartoon Row

Granville Williams
Batley Grammar School

Granville Williams explains the cartoon row at Batley Grammar School, where a teacher showed an image of the Prophet Mohammed in a religious studies lesson. Since the lesson, there have been protests outside the school. The bigger debate though, is about freedom of speech and the rights in a pluralist society.


Happy Vaisakhi

Jagjit Singh Chaggar
Vaisakhi 2021

Today is Vaisakhi, Sikhism’s most important festival. It celebrates the formal anniversary of the establishment of the Sikh order, the ‘Khalsa,’ in 1699. Vaisakhi is usually celebrated to great fanfare within the Yorkshire community.

Trade unions put Amazon under spotlight

Granville Williams
Amazon Union Protest

Amazon owns a third of the warehouse space in the country, yet continues to treat its workers poorly. As Granville Williams writes, union action is becoming an increasingly common way of countering this malpractice.


Legal action into pork-barrel politics and the Towns Fund

Dr Stella Perrott

Sunak’s answer indicated there has been a fair and open allocation of funding according to some objective criteria relating to need. This is evidently not true. Not only is this not true, but the criteria on which the funding is based is heavily skewed towards advancing the interests of already advantaged, Conservative, provincial towns with low levels of deprivation.