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Reorganise the deckchairs North Yorkshire, there’s an iceberg ahead

Andy Brown

It is now official. All the local councils across the whole of North Yorkshire will be abolished without any of the electors being consulted at the ballot box about whether that is what they want. In other words the big issue has been decided for you but if you insist on trying to put forward your opinion you will be reluctantly allowed to say something about which of the two bad choices you might prefer, by answering some highly loaded questions.

Leeds Bradford Airport expansion: the economy or the environment?

Brian McHugh

Brian McHugh asks if now is the time to be expanding the Leeds-Bradford airport: “Net zero emissions needs to be changed to zero emissions. The time is coming for an ethical and legal re-think on fossil fuel expansion plans. No longer can we continue to build for a fossil fuel reliant future.”

Fiesta time in the Rhubarb Triangle

Meryl White

Rhubarb was especially popular in Victorian times and cookery books of the era were full of recipes for pies, custards, fools, jams, jellies and chutneys. Growers in an area around Leeds, Wakefield and Pontefract discovered that the soil was particularly conducive to producing early sweet rhubarb in dark forcing sheds, and that harvesting it by candlelight would bring it to market in a pink and luscious state. This became known as the Rhubarb Triangle.

Why it is in Labour’s interest to speak out on Brexit

Mike Buckley

Winning from Opposition is hard. Labour is entirely right to face towards the future and to have a laser-like focus on winning votes. But it should recognise that giving Johnson space to create a narrative that says the pandemic caused all the harm and Brexit is our ticket to a bright new future will only harm Labour’s chances.

Letters to the editor

Yorkshire Bylines
macbook pro on brown wooden table

The decision to inflict major change on an exhausted NHS, in the midst of a global pandemic, suggests that the government realises how much its £4bn 2012 reorganisation was mistaken.

Let’s have some flippin’ fun with pancakes

Meryl White

Flipping ‘eck – it’s Pancake Day today, so let’s use ingredients such as sugar, fat and eggs before the beginning of Lent and 40 days of fasting leading to Easter. Well, that’s the tradition, which goes back for centuries.

The murky world of Leeds Bradford Airport

Andrew Tait

The owners of Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) are pushing ahead with their planning application that would allow them to almost double their passenger numbers in the next 10 years. Well, that’s the plan, but we all know that Covid-19 has other ideas about the future of aviation. Currently, there’s only one flight a day taking […]

Will the Labour Party rebranding exercise learn from the past?

Dr Pam Jarvis

At the heart of this issue is the question about what the current Labour Party has to say that is relevant to many of the descendants of workers in factories, mines and mills. It is the votes of such people, updated to the 21st century, that will be key to turning the blue wall red again.

Will the next Grenfell happen in Yorkshire?

Alex Toal

Little has been done to prevent another Grenfell tower fire, research from the Labour party revealed as they pressured the government to act. With millions of people still living in blocks with unsafe cladding, more needs to be done to make these fit for habitation, Alex Toal writes.

Stay-at-home Johnson has Batley in his sights

Jane Thomas

‘Stay home, Save Lives’ just isn’t working for some people – including our prime minister. In a bid to make sure we all know which caped hero has come to the rescue with the vaccine, Boris Johnson today visited the Al-Hikmah Centre in Batley, one of the vaccine hubs recently opened in Yorkshire.

What would proportional representation look like?

Marcus Cain

Marcus Cain explores the world of proportional voting, and what can be done to make it a reality in the parliamentary system. There are several ways to make our system more proportional, with each having its advantages and disadvantages.

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