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Brexit: is it sustainable?

Anthony Robinson
Brexit sustainable

The nation remains divided over Brexit. Re-joining the EU is out of the question unless there is a significant majority in favour. But Brexit cannot be said to be ‘done’ until accepted by a significant majority. And how likely is that?

Stay at homes win at Hartlepool

Helen Davidson

Helen Davidson reviews the results in the Hartlepool by-election. Turnout was 42.3% and Conservative gains were obtained from mostly Brexit voters. Why people stayed at home and didn’t come out to vote, is unknown; but what is known is that the winner of the election was indifference.

Education, test results and politics

Charlie McCarthy

Charlie McCarthy looks at how British children compare to children abroad in the education system; improvement in English and Maths is taken as a green light by the government for their policies. But the OECD study is being challenged and reporting for PISA ought to be more transparent.

Scottish elections herald the prologue to uncertainty

Ian Kinsey
scottish elections

Ian Kinsey looks at the importance of the Scottish elections today (6 May). The SNP are set to win the parliemtary elections, and with this comes the increased chances of another Scottish Independence referendum. Scottish (and other British) people will have to wait at least two days before they know the outcome.


Buses top the agenda as West Yorkshire heads to the polls

Matthew Topham
Better buses West Yorkshire

Bringing our buses into public control has been a key issue in the race to elect West Yorkshire’s first mayor, with coverage in the BBC election debate and many identifying it as a top priority. That’s thanks to local people who have made the case for change. Buses will be key to building back better […]

Whose job is it to speak truth to power?

John Cole
speak truth to power

John Cole address what it means to “speak truth to power” within the media, and encourages the BBC to hold the government and its ministers to account more often. The BBC, which has now been filled with Conservative appointees, failed to write stories about the covid contracts the government gave out.

The “duping delight” of manipulator Johnson

Anthony Robinson
Boris Johnson Manipulator

Johnson’s trademark smirk is apparently known to psychologists as “duping delight” – the sheer joy of duping people, or in the prime minister’s case, entire nations, given away by an involuntary smirk, a “leaked expression of pleasure.”

What about the workers?

Granville Williams
festival of debate

Employers are using unscrupulous ‘fire and rehire’ tactics and employees struggle with the impact of the pandemic on wages and working conditions. Granville Williams sets the scene for two Festival of Debate events on trade union topics.

Local elections preview: West Yorkshire

Alex Toal
West Yorkshire

Alex Toal finishes his local elections preview with a look at West Yorkshire. The county’s districts have a third of their councillors up for election, in addition to the first ever mayoral race.

Pie of the Week: Castle Cafe, Wakefield

Jimmy Andrex

Can a Wakefield pie heal an ailing nation? Last Sunday I saw a pig’s penis. Now I can’t unsee it. They are actually shaped like a corkscrew. I thought it was an urban myth, you know, the stuff teenage boys say to each other because they can’t talk to girls.  Like when a kid told […]


Biden’s first 100 days come to an end

Kerry Pearson

Kerry Pearson concludes the ‘Biden 100’ series with a piece covering the key policies and executive orders Joe Biden has passed. He has had a phenomenon 100 days, but undoubtedly faces challenges ahead, now that the honeymoon with congress is over.


Biden’s 100-day approval rating

Jack Walker
biden's approval rating

As a final piece for the ‘Biden 100’ series, Jack Walker looks at the approval rating of the new president. Biden ranks highly in the opinions of non-white Americans, young people and college students, but his average rating, 57%, falls short of Obama, George W Bush, and Reagan.

Julian Smith’s three jobs give cause for concern

Julian Smith

Julian Smith’s latest job for MJM Marine makes him one of the highest-earning MPs in parliament. What’s more, it appears that at least two of his three new employers benefited from his time as secretary of state for Northern Ireland.

Doing his best

Steve Pottinger
Doing his best

In which the reader is invited to consider the A-Z of charges laid at the door of Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.