Rose Drew: Orange Zombie

Rose Drew hosting York’s The Spoken Word. Photo: Alan Gillott
The unnatural skin
(I thought they were grey)
repetitive sounds
(thought they moan about brains)

One thing’s the same:
he eats everything in sight - 
Opportunity, rights, safety;

the rubbing-along most did, before
hate became an option 
Lock her up!
Cut off their heads!

Linking looting to shooting ,
protest to violence,
when the worst offenders are cops
and Proud Boy instigators
Standing By to destroy

Mango zombie moans
Faaaaaaaake news
and I wonnnnnnnnnn
and his voters believe him.

We’ve sleepwalk-staggered into this;
We  Americexited responsibility 
for jobless hopeless left-behinds,
who watched futures evaporate 
with gig work and Uber eats
with “you want fries with that?”
with no pay no rent no stability 
no PPE no pandemic protection
no hope.
So zombie voters chose Door Number Three.

The angry ones are a mob.

MAGAts with guns might just shoot anyone
not a zombie like him.

The unarmed ones with platforms just hate
anyone not white not straight not Christian
(or their version of Christian,
cos Christ fed the poor)  

and the rich ones just want power & cash.

Zombie president.
Zombie mobs.
Moaning mindless rage at anyone
trying to sneak by
who seems more alive.

Originally from Florida, now resident in York, Rose Drew is a human bone specialist who runs York’s The Spoken Word event and she is also head honcho at Stairwell Books. Follow her on Twitter @RoseBoneCrone

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