Paul Francis: The New Jerusalem

Photo: Mike Powell

And will those winds from ‘58
That blew Armada back to Spain
Now make the wind turbines rotate
And help us triumph once again?

And will our Covid stance be seen
As something we should celebrate?
We’re proud of everything we’ve been;
Like the Olympics – we are great!

Back in the war, amid the gloom
A new Jerusalem was planned;
So now I come to you on Zoom
To share my vision for this land.

Bring me my star, Priti Patel,
Pacific islands by the score;
Let lefty lawyers rot in hell
And refugees be shown the door.

I shall not cease my stream of lies,
Cummings will keep the upper hand
Till we have spread our fantasies
Through England’s frail, unequal land.

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Paul Francis is a poet and playwright who has had several collections of his poetry published. Before that, he spent thirty years as a teacher. You can find more of his work via his website.

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