Issue No 19 – six month celebration edition

This special edition includes a selection of articles that have appeared in Yorkshire Bylines over the last six hectic but exciting months. We hope you enjoyed reading them when they first appeared or, if you missed them, enjoy them now. You can catch up with all the back issues HERE

The Bylines Network is expanding, and along with it our band of writers, editors, social media warriors and an audience ever more eager to read citizen journalism at its best.

See them HERE and watch out for new ones in the future.

If you prefer to listen to current events being discussed why not tune in to one of our podcasts, hosted by Grace Pritchard who is making a name for herself as a broadcaster as well as one of our most talented writers

Events near you

We now carry a list of events taking place in Yorkshire that you might enjoy. Contact us if you have one you’d like including. Check out the latest HERE

Lord Digby Jones said not a single job would be lost through Brexit. We are now listing the growing number of closures and relocations – due to Brexit.

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From a Byliner

The runaway success of Yorkshire Bylines has been quite stunning to me. Our readership and social media following continues to grow apace. I am not a journalist or even a professional writer, just a very ordinary bloke, as anyone who knows me will attest, so it was a surprise that a single person, let alone thousands, was interested enough to read my articles and sometimes comment on them via Twitter.  It’s a huge encouragement when Will Hutton or Tim Walker retweet an article or professor Chris Grey says something complementary. 

I try to inform as best I can and if you keep supporting us, we can only get better.

Anthony Robinson


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