The Davis Downside Dossier

Welcome to the new Davis Downside Dossier page at Yorkshire Bylines.

What began as an attempt to show just how mistaken David Davis was in October 2016 when, as the minister responsible, he told MPs “there will be no downside to Brexit at all, and considerable upsides,” has now become something of a cause célèbre.

Mr Davis suggested there wouldn’t be a single downside but the list has now grown so large it’s difficult to keep track.

To make the dossier easier to maintain, more accessible, and useful as a resource we have converted it into a searchable database. Not only that, but you can – after filtering if you wish – also download the database as a .csv file or as a Word document. Sectors are relatively arbitrary but should help to distill out the topics which interest you most.

Note, because the new dossier uses a database and includes both downsides and upsides, entry numbers now use the database key. Regardless of how they’re sorted, each entry is identifiable by a unique number, which in most cases will be different to the entry numbers in the old list.

We knew David Davis was wrong but we underestimated just how wrong he was. The list, if anything, is growing at an ever faster rate. If you spot a downside, please email [email protected]

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