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Taking the knee: it’s coming home

Roger Winterbottom
Taking the knee

As some of the England fans boo their own players before a ball has even been kicked in the European Championships, Roger Winterbottom wonders whether it’s all really just a philosophical debate.


(Non) Pie of the week: Belle Vue, Wakefield

Jimmy Andrex
Wakefield Trinity

Jimmy Andrew writes about the return of rugby matches. The atmosphere at the Wakefield Trinity match had been longed for over the past year, but fans will still have to wait for their pie, peas and gravy.

Racial equality: Peter Norman and the 1968 Olympics

Paul Bright
Peter Norman

Paul Bright writes about Peter Norman at the 1968 Olympics, where he made a show of solidarity to racial equality by standing with Carlos and Smith as they made the black power salute; today, many athletes take a knee, or sit for the national anthem.

The ‘Excuse for a Trip’ Club

Paul Bright
Barnard Castle

Paul Bright remembers the Six Nations’ ‘excuse for a trip’ club, where clubs went on day excursions. He honours some individuals who are experts at trips out, Dominic Cummings is just one of them!

Lewis Hamilton: a genuine British world-beater

Michele Mele

Lewis Hamilton has had a record-breaking career, with seven Formula 1 world championships, a slew of Grand Prix wins, and now a knighthood. Michele Mele looks at not just his career but his struggles as a black Formula 1 driver, as she looks over his career.

Explaining cricket to three foreigners

John Cornwell

Like most cricket enthusiasts, John Cornwell has tried at various times to explain cricket to people from non cricket playing countries, but with little success. Here he recalls three wonderful examples.


Roller skating – it’s not just for kids!

Amy Day

Along came the pandemic … life stopped. Eating biscuits became an Olympic sport. We were all doing our constitutional walks, but in terms of getting my jeans on and buttoned up, walking on its own was never going to cut it …

Nicola Adams: the Yorkshire lass who packs a punch

Georgia Lambert

In the 2012 London Olympic Games, Nicola Adams OBE made history as the first female boxer to win Olympic gold for Women’s Boxing in the Flyweight category. She remains the most successful female British boxer, as a double Olympic champion, but her journey through the ranks came with its knockdowns. At the age of 12, […]


Female referees: blowing the whistle on discrimination

Georgia Lambert

A Women in Football survey recently reported that two-thirds of women working in football have been subject to gender discrimination, with only 12 percent of these cases being reported. In a 2014 study, titled ‘The Experience of Former Women Officials and the Impact on the Sporting Community’, researchers from Trinity University aimed to “explore the […]


A tale of three Yorkshire refs

John Cornwell

Referees come in many shapes and sizes. Here, John Cornwell recalls three splendid Yorkshire examples. The first refereed on a bike… As a sixth former at a county schoolboys’ trial match, I got talking with a boy from one of the better known boarding schools. When he discovered that I came from the East Riding […]