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Buses top the agenda as West Yorkshire heads to the polls

Matthew Topham
Better buses West Yorkshire

Bringing our buses into public control has been a key issue in the race to elect West Yorkshire’s first mayor, with coverage in the BBC election debate and many identifying it as a top priority. That’s thanks to local people who have made the case for change. Buses will be key to building back better […]

NHS privatisation: the big sell-off, lock, stock and barrel

Professor Juliet Lodge
NHS privatisation

The big question is – will our Yorkshire MPs be at the EveryDoctor press briefing on the growing privatisation of the NHS tomorrow at 11 am tomorrow? The EveryDoctor campaign group and its supporters have sent out some 2,400 emails inviting all 650 of our MPs to attend. So far only just over 90 have signed up, including Hull East’s Labour MP, Karl Turner.

Inflammable cladding: the burning question

Andrew Leach
Inflammable cladding

Andy Leach comments on the impact of Grenfell on cladding, the fact that inflammable cladding is still a choice for constructionists, and the government and Robert Jenrick’s slow response to improve cladding standards.


Blogging, populism and power

Jack Blythe
Andrew Old blogger

Jack Blythe draws to light the phenomena of ‘the blob’, or in Gove’s head, ‘Marxist teachers’. It has been revealed that bloggers have had significant influence over the Department for Education. Populism within policy is a dangerous path.

Hey Serco, can we have our money back?

David Goff
track and trace serco

David Goff points out that vast amounts of money have been spent on a Track and Trace system which doesn’t even work, and was set up in the name of the NHS. Billions have been spent on an app which could have been spent on food parcels, surgical gowns and PPE. Can we have our money back?

Defence spending and the nuclear option

Andy Brown
Defence spending nuclear

Andy Brown asks why the government is so keen to look to expanding its nuclear arsenal, while it cuts its aid budget and army size. The nuclear option has not helped us in recent conflicts, building strong alliances and looking to the warfare of the future is the answer.


Racial disparities within healthcare: a virus in our NHS

Qaiys Abu Qaoud
racial disparities nhs

Racial disparities within our healthcare system are a virus that plagues the NHS. People from minority ethnic backgrounds in the UK face worse outcomes personally and professionally, as both patients and healthcare staff. The Covid-19 pandemic has only served to highlight these longstanding injustices.


Crisis in UK social care funding

John Cole
Social care

On the day that he became prime minster, Boris Johnson declared, “We will fix the crisis in social care once and for all with a clear plan we have prepared”. Eighteen months later nothing has been seen of this ‘clear plan’, with no mention of social care financing in the recent budget.

Are young people citizens of nowhere in the politics of place?

Alex Toal
politics of place

Alex Toal asks, are young people left as citizens of nowhere by our system which prioritises the politics of place over the politics of the nation? With young people more mobile than any generation before them, their politics is increasingly focused on national issues rather than local ones. Our system still fails them.

Curtailing our fundamental right to protest is a threat to democracy

Amanda Robinson

Democracy and the right to protest. This week the government set out its plans for new police powers that will limit the ability to take part in peaceful protests. This is a move recently witnessed in fascist states and is the latest in a series of actions that the government has taken to reduce the rights of British citizens.


Joe Biden: is the Middle East still worth it?

Kerry Pearson
Biden Middle East

Kerry Pearson lays out the foreign policy challenge that Biden faces in the Middle East. He will have to grapple with ISIS, Saudi Arabia, and the sale of arms. At the same time, he will attempt to pivot to Asia and the rising power of China.

Cheap tricks from our wealthy chancellor

Andy Brown

Andy Brown breaks down the problems with the Chancellor, looking at its impact on care, education, waste management, and the government’s use of back room deals, cheap tricks, and pork barrel politics.


“Say ah!” Rishi Sunak’s modern day medicine show

Greg Healey and Debra Stretton

The big con – that public sector cuts offer the only effective route to debt and deficit reduction, through cutting wages and services – has done immeasurable harm to our country. It is not and never has been about fiscal consolidation, but instead serves a hidden libertarian, right-wing agenda that seeks to shrink government and cut worker rights and protections in the name of illusory and bogus freedoms.


The truth about asylum seekers in the UK

Reanna Smith

Reanna Smith, in her first article for Yorkshire Bylines, explains how 2020 saw a rise in myths and misconceptions around asylum seekers, namely that they are economic migrants and that there is ‘no room’ for them in the UK.