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The heroes helping to re-wild Wakefield

Lizzie Hughes
open country nature force group

Lizzie Hughes raises awareness about Open Country’s nature force group, a wildlife organisation which not only looks after nature, but that runs activities for marginalised communities to give them a sense of purpose and achievement.

That Amazon vote: what went wrong?

Granville Williams
amazon vote

Granville Williams writes about the Amazon vote which was given to workers who voiced their discontentment with their treatment and working conditions. The ballot, however, was run in a way which made it difficult for workers to vote, and was ultimately a setback for trade unionism.

Being Irish in Britain: Irishness, Britishness and me

Aidan Enright
Irish culture

Aidan Enright describes his battle, as an Irish in Britain, between his ‘British’ and ‘Irish’ identity. After being submerged in both cultures, he feels drawn to both. After heavy debate around Brexit in Britain though, he often yearns for his Irish home.

Unpaid rent: the UK’s fastest growing debt problem

Charlie McCarthy
rental crisis

Charlie McCarthy explains the emerging problem of unpaid rent and the UK’s debt crisis. Social housing in Britain has suffered over the past decades. The pandemic itself, despite the ban on evictions, has also meant young renters have been worst-impacted with high rents and poorly maintained properties.

Are young people citizens of nowhere in the politics of place?

Alex Toal
politics of place

Alex Toal asks, are young people left as citizens of nowhere by our system which prioritises the politics of place over the politics of the nation? With young people more mobile than any generation before them, their politics is increasingly focused on national issues rather than local ones. Our system still fails them.

Post-Brexit immigration

Dr Stella Perrott
immigration economic benefits

Stella Perrott lays out the benefits of immigration to the UK, and explains what this will look like post-Brexit. Broadening the immigration pool across the globe will lead to exploitation of the less-well-developed nations, as they provide the UK with their skills and talents, but receive little in return.

Run with the Fox

Roger Winterbottom
Fox Freedom of Speech

Is there an oppressed minority on the political right who have been dominated into silence? Will no-one stand up for them? Cometh the hour, cometh the Fox. Roger Winterbottom wonders what it is they really want to say.

Stereotypes of Brits abroad

Sue Wilson
brits abroad stereotype

Sue Wilson, who lives in Spain, challenges the stereotype of Brits abroad, suggesting that the press are responsible for the image of gin-drinking, golf players. She points out that until EU citizens in the UK are called ‘expats’, she too will remain a ‘British immigrant’.

Norky’s Ramblings: this sporting life

Peter Norcliffe

True stories from ‘Norky’ who comes from Scapegoat Hill, a small, isolated farming village, high on the Pennines in West Yorkshire. You can catch up on his ramblings so far via his author page. I was a very active lad, running about here and there, getting up to some minor mischief and playing games. One of these […]


History and heritage Yorkshire: excursions to the coast

John Heywood

John Heywood visits the Victorian heyday of Yorkshire’s seaside resorts like Filey, Scarborough, and Redcar. The resorts boomed after the introduction of bank holidays into the calendar; although the tourists were popular with businesses, they were less so with locals.

Neom: has Saudi Arabia crossed the line?

James Powell
The Line NEOM

James Powell explains ‘Neom’: the ‘planned new future’ residential area. The area will operate outside of Saudi laws, an attempt to make it more attractive. But what will this mean for Middle Eastern relations, in particular those with Israel?