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Denying care to the elderly? Age is just a number

Sue Wilson
age is just a number

Age is so much more than a number. It’s about knowledge, experience, maturity, wisdom and caring less what others think. None of that may matter to the government, but they should think twice before upsetting a growing sector of the population that have largely supported them in the past.

Bylines Network podcast: Pride month

Bylines Network Podcast
bylines network podcast

At the height of Pride month, join the team at the Bylines Network podcast, as we discuss the history and state of LGBTQ+ rights in the UK and across the world. Hosts Chris Davis and Connor Lamb open the discussion with a look at what Pride has become in 2021, the commercialisation of Pride and […]


The BBC and Diana-gate

John Elsom

Among those quick to attack (and defend) the BBC for the deplorable tactics whereby Martin Bashir obtained his interview with Princess Diana in 1995, one voice has been notably silent – that of John Birt, the BBC’s director general at the time. Fortunately, his valuable opinions have not been lost.

They said “It must never happen again”, then it nearly did

Andy Brown
new providence place

Andy Brown writes about the fire at New Providence Place, where residents were trapped and over 100 firefighters were needed to put out the flames. Sadly, memories of Grenfell are brought back. Deregulation of financial services, and now the building industry, have led to people being put at a huge risk.


Eid al-Fitr and the devastation in Jerusalem

Kerry Pearson
al aqsa mosque

Kerry Pearson writes about the devastation in Jersualem, namely the Israeli attacks on the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the holiest site in Islam, during Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. Hundreds of Palestinians have been injured, but the territorial conflict dates back decades.


The heroes helping to re-wild Wakefield

Lizzie Hughes
open country nature force group

Lizzie Hughes raises awareness about Open Country’s nature force group, a wildlife organisation which not only looks after nature, but that runs activities for marginalised communities to give them a sense of purpose and achievement.

That Amazon vote: what went wrong?

Granville Williams
amazon vote

Granville Williams writes about the Amazon vote which was given to workers who voiced their discontentment with their treatment and working conditions. The ballot, however, was run in a way which made it difficult for workers to vote, and was ultimately a setback for trade unionism.

Being Irish in Britain: Irishness, Britishness and me

Aidan Enright
Irish culture

Aidan Enright describes his battle, as an Irish in Britain, between his ‘British’ and ‘Irish’ identity. After being submerged in both cultures, he feels drawn to both. After heavy debate around Brexit in Britain though, he often yearns for his Irish home.


Mental health: it’s no longer a taboo subject!

Peter Benson
mental health no longer taboo

Peter Benson draws to light the impact the pandemic has had on mental health and people’s wellbeing. He quotes a ‘Mind’ ambassador, who tell us all to embrace our emotions and check up on friends and family.

Unpaid rent: the UK’s fastest growing debt problem

Charlie McCarthy
rental crisis

Charlie McCarthy explains the emerging problem of unpaid rent and the UK’s debt crisis. Social housing in Britain has suffered over the past decades. The pandemic itself, despite the ban on evictions, has also meant young renters have been worst-impacted with high rents and poorly maintained properties.