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Neighbourhood whispers: the quiet rebels of Amersham

John Elsom
Amersham by-election

As Batley and Spen goes to the polls, with the Conservatives and Labour both looking to secure over 40 percent of the vote share, John Elsom provides a Liberal Democrat reflection on the country’s last by-election – 180 miles away in Amersham.

Separating truth from lie: Cummings gives evidence

Andy Brown
Cummings giving evidence

In the run up to Cummings giving evidence today, the government seems to have been trying to limit the damage of his testimony. The question is, why was it so important to listen to him a year ago, but so wrong to listen to him now?

Johnson tightens his grip on power

Anthony Robinson
Voter suppression

The Queen’s speech yesterday continues the nation’s strange slide into authoritarian rule under a prime minister wearing the reassuringly crumpled outfit of a libertarian while ruthlessly tightening his grip on power.


Brexit: is it sustainable?

Anthony Robinson
Brexit sustainable

The nation remains divided over Brexit. Re-joining the EU is out of the question unless there is a significant majority in favour. But Brexit cannot be said to be ‘done’ until accepted by a significant majority. And how likely is that?

Stay at homes win at Hartlepool

Helen Davidson

Helen Davidson reviews the results in the Hartlepool by-election. Turnout was 42.3% and Conservative gains were obtained from mostly Brexit voters. Why people stayed at home and didn’t come out to vote, is unknown; but what is known is that the winner of the election was indifference.

The “duping delight” of manipulator Johnson

Anthony Robinson
Boris Johnson Manipulator

Johnson’s trademark smirk is apparently known to psychologists as “duping delight” – the sheer joy of duping people, or in the prime minister’s case, entire nations, given away by an involuntary smirk, a “leaked expression of pleasure.”

Doing his best

Steve Pottinger
Doing his best

In which the reader is invited to consider the A-Z of charges laid at the door of Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

Lies, liars and the prime minister

Andy Brown
Prime Minister Liar

Andy Brown points out that Boris Johnson is a good liar; he has lied about Northern Ireland, Brexit, and now his private life, and it has come to the point where his inability to tell the truth renders him incapable of running the country.

The Greensill scandal shows that the revolving door isn’t so transparent

Alex Toal

Alex Toal breaks down the Greensill scandal, and the broader problem of the revolving door which Cameron’s actions have highlighted. Politicians have had an uncomfortable level of closeness with the private sector for years, and the scandal is nothing new. But we need to change our incentive structures to improve practices.

The known unknowns that may decide the Johnson premiership

Alex Toal

Alex Toal examines the known unknowns that may well define the Johnson premiership: the NHS pay dispute and the return to schools. Should they fail to go to plan, knock-on effects may disrupt the local elections and hamper either his or Keir Starmer’s leadership.

Gardeners’ Question Time advises on tunnel vision

Martin Brooks

Alexander de Pfeffel seeks advice from the Gardeners’ Question Time panel and audience on his tunnel plans. “Visionary British infrastructure gardens have a great future, if only the woke gardeners, with the greatest respect to our friends and partners on the panel, weren’t so obsessed with making their doom-laden predictions that plants need to be cared for, fed, watered, protected from harsh conditions and warmly held in a loving lefty embrace if they are to survive.”

3rd Open letter to Boris Johnson

Sue Wilson

I look forward, with interest, to see what japes you might come up with next. Having a jester for a prime minister doesn’t always look wise, but it sure can be a lot of fun in these depressing times, so keep up the good work!