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Protecting our planet’s rainforests in Canada

Nina Cole
fairy creek rainforest canada

The Canadian government is failing to stop the complete eradication of the last old-growth heritage western cedar in a rainforest area that is as unique and important as the Amazon for a healthy planet.

Air pollution: more action is needed

Brian McHugh
Air pollution

Brian McHugh writes about the devastating impact air pollution has on people’s health, with research revealing it can lead to asthma, heart disease and strokes. A greater effort is needed to combat air pollution and climate change, and many students in Yorkshire have already begun campaigning for cleaner air.


The heroes helping to re-wild Wakefield

Lizzie Hughes
open country nature force group

Lizzie Hughes raises awareness about Open Country’s nature force group, a wildlife organisation which not only looks after nature, but that runs activities for marginalised communities to give them a sense of purpose and achievement.

The environmental dangers of mining the ocean depths

Andy Brown
mining ocean

Andy Brown reveals the dangers of mining the ocean. Environmental damage in the sea is difficult to clean, and oil and gas extraction is a threat to sea wildlife. If we want to pass on a healthy ocean to younger generations, change must happen.


Human-induced crises: the beginning not the end?

Andy Brown

Andy Brown explains how changes in human life, such as removing large areas of forests, has put us closer to wildlife and therefore pandemics and natural disasters. Human-induced climate crises must be taken seriously by politicians around the world.

When will the government recognise animal sentience in UK law?

Pauline Allon

Pauline Allon looks at the battle to protect animal rights from future trade deals, and the need to recognise animal sentience. “The legal requirement to acknowledge that animals are sentient creatures that will go furthest towards guarding against the importing of meat from cruelly raised animals.”

Drax power station: it’s not easy being green

Andy Brown

Drax has now decided to move away from its proposals for small gas-fired stations and recognises that these would indeed be incompatible with Britain’s climate change targets. Instead they are putting their faith in wood burning and carbon capture.

Performance poetry sent to councillors in climate plea

Lesley Hatfield

This week, East Riding Council finally declared a climate emergency. It came after almost two years of campaigning from local groups, and after two sets of twins sent a video to the councillors, performing a poem they’d created calling for urgent action on climate change.

Leeds Bradford Airport expansion: the economy or the environment?

Brian McHugh

Brian McHugh asks if now is the time to be expanding the Leeds-Bradford airport: “Net zero emissions needs to be changed to zero emissions. The time is coming for an ethical and legal re-think on fossil fuel expansion plans. No longer can we continue to build for a fossil fuel reliant future.”