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Scottish elections herald the prologue to uncertainty

Ian Kinsey
scottish elections

Ian Kinsey looks at the importance of the Scottish elections today (6 May). The SNP are set to win the parliemtary elections, and with this comes the increased chances of another Scottish Independence referendum. Scottish (and other British) people will have to wait at least two days before they know the outcome.

Local elections preview: West Yorkshire

Alex Toal
West Yorkshire

Alex Toal finishes his local elections preview with a look at West Yorkshire. The county’s districts have a third of their councillors up for election, in addition to the first ever mayoral race.

Local elections preview: South Yorkshire

Alex Toal

Alex Toal previews the local elections in South Yorkshire. With elections in all four of the county’s boroughs: Rotherham, Barnsley, Sheffield, and Doncaster, a lot is to play for. A lot may change, in the four major trends in the region. Exciting moves up ahead!

Cheap tricks from our wealthy chancellor

Andy Brown

Andy Brown breaks down the problems with the Chancellor, looking at its impact on care, education, waste management, and the government’s use of back room deals, cheap tricks, and pork barrel politics.

Reorganise the deckchairs North Yorkshire, there’s an iceberg ahead

Andy Brown

It is now official. All the local councils across the whole of North Yorkshire will be abolished without any of the electors being consulted at the ballot box about whether that is what they want. In other words the big issue has been decided for you but if you insist on trying to put forward your opinion you will be reluctantly allowed to say something about which of the two bad choices you might prefer, by answering some highly loaded questions.

Destination devolution

Jane Thomas

The pressures for greater local control are growing and cannot be ignored. Devolution may not be a destination, but for some it sure looks a better road to travel on than the current path offered by Westminster.

Has Robert Jenrick nothing better to do than fan up culture wars?

Alex Toal

Jenrick must have solved looming crises in housing, local government debt, and cladding, Alex Toal writes, given his obsession with statues. The minister has been borrowing tactics from one of his predecessors, Eric Pickles, in preventing communities in having a voice about their public space.

‘Levelling-up’ government guts Transport for the North

Jane Thomas

Sheffield campaigner Jane Thomas reacts to the news that Transport for the North’s budget has been cut by 40 percent, a harsh blow to dreams of levelling up the north. “If the government does not support this through proper funding of local authorities, and through deeper devolution, the levelling-up agenda will never happen.”

The SNP calls it right: “the emperor has no clothes”

Charlie McCarthy

Charlie McCarthy writes on the SNP’s opposition to the government’s damaging Brexit deal: “The alignment of international events and incompetence of Westminster leadership is a conjunction of forces that the nationalists in Scotland could only ever have dreamt of”.

We can’t ignore our air pollution crisis any longer

Andrew Cooper

Air pollution is deadly. That is a fact we can’t hide from any longer. This week, a coroner ruled that dangerous levels of air pollution “made a material contribution” to the death of nine-year-old Ella Kissi-Debrah in Central London. Before her death of a severe asthma attack in February 2013, Ella endured numerous seizures and […]

Arrest of Liverpool mayor: corruption, or something else?

Charlie McCarthy

Charlie McCarthy looks at the news of Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson’s arrest. Anderson has been a prominent critic of the government, continuing in Liverpool’s long tradition of being a centre of resistance. McCarthy looks at the complicated dynamics of corruption in the city, and what Anderson’s potential resignation might mean.

Fears for tiers

Jane Thomas

Jane Thomas breaks down the announcement of Tier 3 for much of Yorkshire, and the impending chaos of the UK’s departure from the transition period. Will there be a national lockdown to help ease the congestion at ports on New Year’s Day? We’ll have to wait and see.

Interview with: Hugh Goulbourne – lawyer and activist running for nomination to be Labour Party candidate for West Yorkshire Mayor

Alex Toal

Alex interviews Hugh Goulbourne, one of three candidates shortlisted to be Labour’s nominee for West Yorkshire mayor. Goulbourne has an experience in grassroots activism and business leadership, and has worked on a number of mayoral campaigns before his own. His plans for the region include a cycle superhighway, citizens assemblies, and an authority-wide transport app.