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Why Russians are shunning covid vaccines

Stephen Davis
covid vaccines russia

With the arrival of the more virulent Delta-variant, the course of the pandemic in Russia looks uncertain and potentially ominous. Is forcing vaccination in order for citizens to work or go out the answer, or a better understanding and education of the vaccine?

Learning to live with covid

Sue Wilson
live with covid

We are going to have to learn to live with covid, say the government – even as it mutates and becomes more dangerous. Not easy, but perhaps not as tough as learning to live with this government – even as it mutates and becomes more dangerous.


(Non) Pie of the week: Belle Vue, Wakefield

Jimmy Andrex
Wakefield Trinity

Jimmy Andrew writes about the return of rugby matches. The atmosphere at the Wakefield Trinity match had been longed for over the past year, but fans will still have to wait for their pie, peas and gravy.


Polarised politics and binary tribes

Seb Dance
polarised politics

Seb Dance, as our guest author, writes about polarised politics and how most issues are perceived as binary. In fact, politics is more complex and citizens cannot be divided into two tribes; the EU is a key example of this.

Covid and Brexit: a pair of thieves

Sue Wilson

Sue Wilson writes about the impact of Covid and Brexit on our lives over the past year; ties with the EU have been severed, divisions over lockdowns have arisen, and sadly not everything we have lost can be replaced, namely trust in our government.