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Seaside towns during lockdown

Sally Dobie
seaside towns

Sally Dobie explains the impact the pandemic has had on seaside towns and in particular their restaurants; the government funding was helpful but nothing can compare to customers during summer.


The opposition and Brexit

Mike Buckley
Opposition Brexit

A significant proportion of the population thinks that the Conservatives will win the next election and that Johnson’s doing a fine job of handling the pandemic. The opposition must speak out against Brexit and the government’s handling of the pandemic.

The Greensill scandal shows that the revolving door isn’t so transparent

Alex Toal

Alex Toal breaks down the Greensill scandal, and the broader problem of the revolving door which Cameron’s actions have highlighted. Politicians have had an uncomfortable level of closeness with the private sector for years, and the scandal is nothing new. But we need to change our incentive structures to improve practices.


Human-induced crises: the beginning not the end?

Andy Brown

Andy Brown explains how changes in human life, such as removing large areas of forests, has put us closer to wildlife and therefore pandemics and natural disasters. Human-induced climate crises must be taken seriously by politicians around the world.

Hey Serco, can we have our money back?

David Goff
track and trace serco

David Goff points out that vast amounts of money have been spent on a Track and Trace system which doesn’t even work, and was set up in the name of the NHS. Billions have been spent on an app which could have been spent on food parcels, surgical gowns and PPE. Can we have our money back?

Run with the Fox

Roger Winterbottom
Fox Freedom of Speech

Is there an oppressed minority on the political right who have been dominated into silence? Will no-one stand up for them? Cometh the hour, cometh the Fox. Roger Winterbottom wonders what it is they really want to say.

Is Test and Trace as bad as people are saying?

Jimmy Andrex
Roy Lilley Test and Trace

One prominent NHS figure thinks we need to re-evaluate our thinking on Test and Trace. “Shurely Shome Mistake?” Test and Trace is really a winner! If everybody’s saying something, it must be true, right? Usually, the answer is yes, for a good reason, though this truism is lost on people like the Flat Earth Society. […]

Zero covid for the UK?

Helen Johnson
Zero covid

Helen Johnson reports from an event by the Zero Covid Alliance, asking whether a zero covid strategy would have been better. Countering previous arguments by the government that Zero Covid would have been unnecessary, and that pursuing a strategy more like New Zealand’s would have been more fruitful.

Brazil variant: did the chancellor budget for test and trace failures?

Jane Thomas

A failed track and trace programme. Locking down too late, lifting too early. The fact that the quarantine compliance is voluntary and not enforced (as in other countries). An incomprehensible border policy. It’s this that has cost the economy as much as anything. And that’s what the chancellor should have concentrated on today, and be fixing tomorrow.