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Refugee Week: what’s on?

Dr Stella Perrott
refugee week

Refugee Week is promoting a number of simple acts whereby individuals or groups can undertake small acts in support of refugees or to raise their own awareness.

The Pageant of Wakefield and the West Riding 1933

John Heywood
Wakefield pageant

A revival in historical pageants across Britain in the 20th century recreated history and involved hundreds of performers. Some 88 years ago, Wakefield staged an event on a massively grand scale. Sadly, it has been all but forgotten.

The Council of Europe and the UK

Michael Hindley
council of europe

Michael Hindley writes about the history of Council of Europe (which is often confused with the EU); Churchill was ardently in favour of its creation. Out of the Council came the European Convention on Human Rights (later the ECHR) which was essential at the time of the collapse of the USSR.

World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day 2021

Kerry Pearson
world red cross day

Kerry Pearson remembers the creation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent after the First World War; on 8 May, the charity celebrates World Red Cross Day, a time to remember their values and recognise the hard work of their volunteers who work to make the world a safer place.


Happy Vaisakhi

Jagjit Singh Chaggar
Vaisakhi 2021

Today is Vaisakhi, Sikhism’s most important festival. It celebrates the formal anniversary of the establishment of the Sikh order, the ‘Khalsa,’ in 1699. Vaisakhi is usually celebrated to great fanfare within the Yorkshire community.


Mental health: it’s no longer a taboo subject!

Peter Benson
mental health no longer taboo

Peter Benson draws to light the impact the pandemic has had on mental health and people’s wellbeing. He quotes a ‘Mind’ ambassador, who tell us all to embrace our emotions and check up on friends and family.

Are young people citizens of nowhere in the politics of place?

Alex Toal
politics of place

Alex Toal asks, are young people left as citizens of nowhere by our system which prioritises the politics of place over the politics of the nation? With young people more mobile than any generation before them, their politics is increasingly focused on national issues rather than local ones. Our system still fails them.

Stereotypes of Brits abroad

Sue Wilson
brits abroad stereotype

Sue Wilson, who lives in Spain, challenges the stereotype of Brits abroad, suggesting that the press are responsible for the image of gin-drinking, golf players. She points out that until EU citizens in the UK are called ‘expats’, she too will remain a ‘British immigrant’.