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Three Polish memorials

John Cornwell

John Cornwell recalls three Polish war memorials from the city of Bolesławiec in Poland, the site of a former concentration camp. “It was sad reminder of how history, once so furious and meaningful in a place, moves on and what was once so vitally significant is now just a footnote in a peaceful neighbourhood.”

Politics in the digital age: is social media damaging democracy?

Oliver Lawrie

What do the likes Facebook and Twitter mean for the future of Western Democracy? Oliver Lawrie takes a critical look at the relationship between healthy democracy and social media as a tool for democratic emancipation, considering why social media does significantly more harm than it does good.

Will the next Grenfell happen in Yorkshire?

Alex Toal

Little has been done to prevent another Grenfell tower fire, research from the Labour party revealed as they pressured the government to act. With millions of people still living in blocks with unsafe cladding, more needs to be done to make these fit for habitation, Alex Toal writes.

Life in the UK test – do you make the grade?

Charlie McCarthy

Would you pass the test to become a UK citizen? A research team from Essex University’s department for psychology gave the test to 270 residents, most of whom were British citizens. It found that 66.4 percent failed their home country’s citizenship exam. The average score was 15/24.

Norky’s ramblings: puberty

Peter Norcliffe
Peter Norcliffe with Christa from Heidelberg and his brother and sister

Norky recalls his most embarrassing moment, which occurred during a German exchange visit in 1955. ” I’m embarrassed about it even now, I can hardly bring myself to put it down in writing, perhaps doing so will after 63 years lay it down to rest.”

Let’s do away with food banks

John Cole

John Cole questions why we have foodbanks in such a prosperous society, and how austerity led to divisions in this country. “Austerity has a lot to answer for and we may note that the two leading protagonists were David Cameron and George Osborne (both dismissed by a third Conservative MP Nadine Dorries as ‘two arrogant posh boys who don’t know the price of milk’).”

Culture wars: the Brexit sellout for touring musicians that makes us all poorer

Jimmy Andrex

“t’s not just musicians who’ll suffer if they can’t tour Europe. It’s the sound engineers, the lighting engineers, the backline techs. It’s the caterers and the wardrobe assistants and the production managers. It’s the drivers of trucks and tour buses. It’s the companies they work for, it’s the mechanics they employ. It’s PA companies, and lighting companies. And it’s the businesses here, in the UK”

Forget back to normal – 2021 needs a new society

Andy Brown

Andy Brown looks at how the pandemic has already reshaped society, and what we can do to make these changes into beneficial ones. As people move out to the country, and the government steps in to prop up markets, maybe we need to be more imaginative about how we utilise this change for good.

2020’s impact on tourism and hospitality – what next for 2021?

Hugh Goulbourne

s we begin 2021, it is absolutely critical we have a plan that will ensure the sector can bounce back more strongly once enough people are vaccinated, to ensure that we are through the worst of the pandemic. The first part of that plan must involve working with the government to form a common understanding as to how and when the sector can safely reopen as early as possible in 2021.

Norky’s ramblings: episode 10

Peter Norcliffe

Peter Norcliffe reminisces about biplanes, old money, and ‘Doctor Dan’s Health Drink’ in his latest column. ” Not for me a train driver or firefighter – both very noble causes, of course, but I’m sure you will agree, not in the same league as a milk man with a black and white horse.”

Reasons to be cheerful in 2021

Andy Brown

Way back in the summer of 1979 there was mass unemployment that was heading up towards three million, and the strident divisive politics of Margaret Thatcher were just about to be inflicted on the nation. Instead of staring at the negative, Ian Dury got together with his band the Blockheads and released one of the […]

The Settle Hub: spreading a little happiness

Katy Honor

Katy Honor writes about the Settle Hub, a local forum which has adapted so people can gather during these troubled times. “Pre-covid, the Hub was a focal point for local residents, charities and businesses to find out what was going on locally and connect. Now, Zoom drop-ins are available for people who are unable or unwilling to travel into town.”

Yorkshire’s women against state pension injustice

Castleford and Yorkshire Women Against State Pension Injustice

WASPI women in Yorkshire have been let down by the government over state pensions: they tell us what they are campaigning for. “The plight of many WASPI women is desperate, with many struggling to work, pay the bills, put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. Shame on the courts and governments for not seeing the discrimination we have suffered, but shame on us if we give up the fight.”

The Black Douglas

Ian Kinsey

Ian Kinsey tells the story of Sir James Douglas, a feared lieutenant of Robert the Bruce known as The Black Douglas. The Black Douglas was instrumental in achieving Scotland’s independence, and came close to capturing York itself after the battle of Myton.

Hull leaders give their residents a chance to have their voices heard

Yorkshire Bylines

Local firms in Hull have launched the Hull Together survey, on behalf of Hull Council, giving residents a voice in the city’s affairs.

“Whether you were born in Hull or you’ve recently arrived in the city, your opinions, praise, concerns and grumbles about the issues that matter in your community – safety, employment, education, migration, integration and more – are needed to contribute to positive change.”

Doncaster woman incarcerated for conduct unbecoming

Martin Brooks

Martin Brooks looks at the story of Mary Heaton, committed to Wakefield asylum for challenging male authority: “Men owe it to women to recognise and take charge of their own emotional responses rather than demean or punish women for having theirs.”

Vital venues: Hyde Park Book Club

Marcus Cain

Marcus Cain visits the Hyde Park Book Club in Leeds, one of many venues impacted by the pandemic. He speaks to HPBC’s owner Jack about his work keeping the venue alive in such extraordinary times, along with a local performer.

Leeds Bradford Airport: the planning application that isn’t what it seems

Andrew Tait

A look at some of the false claims made by the company behind the Leeds Bradford Airport expansion plans. This includes the claim that it is not in fact an expansion, and the claim that certain categories of nighttime flights don’t count towards overall limits of night flights. This is being opposed by local residents, including the Group for Action on Leeds Bradford Airport.

The biggest music revolution you’ve never heard of

Jimmy Andrex

How a Holmfirth musician battled the Brexit Blues with electronica and a sense of community. A new book tells the story of an underground revolution in music where no-one got rich or famous but everyone got happy. “The early days were like turning over a stone and finding this whole new world of music-making crawling underneath.“

Remembering some of Sheffield’s forgotten heroes

Louisa Merrick-White

Join us as we remember some of Sheffield’s forgotten heroes. Over the last few weeks, Louisa Merrick-White has been speaking to families of the men featured here, hearing their stories and memories. Take some time this morning to share their stories as we remember them. Arthur Pemberton Arthur Pemberton fought in World War One with […]

Misleading statements from Conservatives about refugees and asylum seekers

Dr Stella Perrott

Following recent criticisms of Home Office refugee policies, particularly in respect of the small boat crossings of the Channel and the death of a Kurdish-Iranian family, a number of people have written to their MPs expressing concern. Some replies have already been received. The answers are broadly similar and conform to Home Office ‘lines to […]

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