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Calling time for Sheffield business

Jane Thomas

Jane Thomas examines the impact of Brexit and the coronavirus to the economy of Sheffield, speaking to local business leaders in the city. The two crises are perfectly suited to each other, with Brexit impacting the few businesses who have escaped relatively unscathed from the pandemic.

The arrow of time and Brexit

John Stevens

Former Conservative MEP John Stevens discusses the ticking clock overshadowing the Brexit deal process. Stevens looks at Ireland, the Scottish parliamentary elections, and the view from Europe as the deadline approaches. He concludes that above all, time is running out for pro-Europeans to make the case for rejoining the bloc.

Yorkshire needs Labour to oppose Johnson’s Brexit deal

Mike Buckley

The next four years will be dominated by the damaging results of Brexit. As the harm becomes clear, the public will be looking for an alternative. Labour needs to be in a position to offer it – not hampered by voting for a deal that it knows already is bad for Britain.

Fears for tiers

Jane Thomas

Jane Thomas breaks down the announcement of Tier 3 for much of Yorkshire, and the impending chaos of the UK’s departure from the transition period. Will there be a national lockdown to help ease the congestion at ports on New Year’s Day? We’ll have to wait and see.

Operation Yellowhammer is playing out as black comedy

Anthony Robinson

Chancellor Rushi Sunak delivers his 2021 spending plan against a backdrop of unprecedented risks financial and, for some, existential. These are detailed in what looks like an updated and more apocalyptic version of Operation Yellowhammer about to become reality.

UK fishing industry rows back on Brexit

Anthony Robinson

A group of fishing industry organisations have written to DEFRA Secretary George Eustice warning that plans from the Marine Management Organisation (MMO), an executive non-departmental public body responsible for our coastal waters, will threaten the viability of many businesses.

Is the nation being gaslighted by another psychopath in No 10?

Anthony Robinson

With 38 days to go before the greatest instantaneous shock to our overseas trade in history, there is apparently a total void at the highest levels of government where policy direction normally starts, while we await the mercurial mind of Johnson to be made up. Psychopaths tend to lie, be socially irresponsible, disregard or violate the rights of others, cannot distinguish between right and wrong, have difficulty showing remorse or empathy, manipulate people and have problems with the law. Does this seem familiar?

Too big a fish to fry?

Martin Gellermann

Can Brexit negotiations collapse because of fish? Although a tiny part of our economy, their symbolic value has meant that lack of agreement on fishing could scupper a potential Brexit deal. Martin Gellerman breaks down the sacrifices needing to be made on both sides to achieve a deal

Ireland, a shared island: Brexit and a Celtic future?

Geoff Martin

Geoff Martin was the inaugural head of the European Commission in the North of Ireland and has advised the Commonwealth on strategic relationships worldwide. Here he looks at what Brexit will mean for the island of Ireland, and the potential collective future for Celtic nations post-Brexit.

Brexit: why a deal and an extension to the transition is coming

Anthony Robinson

Why Boris Johnson’s choices are limited to securing a deal at any price and an extension to the transition period. The next few days will be crucial in setting the terms of Britain’s future relationship with the EU but circumstances mean the prime minister’s choices are strictly limited. A deal at any price and an extension to the transition period is the only option.

Brexit: prepare for the worst, hope for the best

Jane Thomas

Another day, another parliamentary select committee hearing just how unprepared we are for Brexit. On Monday, it was the turn of the Lords EU goods subcommittee to hear evidence from industry experts. This is the same committee that last week heard industry experts express concerns that the Brexit Customs Declaration Service will not be ready […]

Cummings jumps ship, leaving Johnson tethered to the mast of Brexit

Anthony Robinson

News that Dominic Cummings will be leaving Downing Street before the end of the year has been followed by a typically fawning piece from James Forsyth at The Spectator, the political magazine where Cummings’s wife works as a commissioning editor. Forsyth has frequently been a mouth piece for Cummings in the past, so it was […]

Downing Street ‘nest of vipers’ reveals Johnson’s leadership crisis

Anthony Robinson

The chaotic ‘nest of vipers’ in Downing Street burst out into open warfare last night with the shock resignation of the PM’s communications chief Lee Cain and the threatened departure of senior adviser Dominic Cummings and chief Brexit negotiator Lord David Frost. Jim Pickard, chief political correspondent at the FT tweeted: One well-placed Whitehall official […]

Government in denial over Brexit

Jane Thomas

Whether or not a deal comes good with the European Union, one thing is certain – the government has failed to prepare despite the fact the decision to leave was made over four years ago.

Biden’s victory doesn’t help Johnson’s options on Brexit

Anthony Robinson

Joe Biden’s victory in the USA has been widely welcomed and comes at a crucial moment. It may have a significant impact on the current EU-UK trade negotiations. The president elect is no admirer of Brexit, or Boris Johnson the living embodiment of it, once describing him as a “physical and emotional clone of Trump”.   […]

Johnson’s high-risk bid has failed

Jane Thomas
brown hourglass on brown wooden table

A new report on Brexit, from the Institute for Government, shows that business readiness is our biggest problem as we leave the European Union (EU) and that delays at the GB–EU border are now inevitable in January. Even if a deal is reached at this late hour it will be no magic bullet, as most […]

The US election and Brexit: not as separate as you might think

Jon Worth

It should not have come to this. The European Union had hoped a future trade deal with the UK would have been signed and sorted by mid-October, when EU leaders were meeting at a European Council in Brussels. But that deadline, like so many others in the Brexit process, came and went; meaning EU negotiator […]

US response to Russian interference shames Britain

Anthony Robinson

The news that a cross-party group of MPs has launched a legal action against the British government’s refusal to investigate Russian interference in UK democratic processes should come as no surprise. Nor should the fact that the group includes no Tory MPs, since they and the party have benefited from an awful lot of Russian money. […]

Brexit is about to be brutally mugged by reality

Anthony Robinson

Dr Anna Jerzewska is the founder and director of Trade & Borders, a consultancy business advising on the complex issues of international trade. On Thursday she held an all-day webinar with customs authorities from Belgium, Holland, France and Ireland.   Among the issues discussed were the traffic management problems raised by Brexit and for which […]

No-deal Brexit may be best for Boris, but not for Britain

Amanda Robinson

While it could be argued that any rational prime minister would have requested an extension to the transition period in July 2020, so that Britain could avoid the double-whammy of Brexit and Covid-19 in winter 2020, I suspect Boris Johnson is content to proceed with no-deal Brexit. This is because it may benefit those who […]

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