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Open Letter to Boris Johnson from Sue Wilson, MBE

Sue Wilson
Letter to Boris Johnson

Sue Wilson, now a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, follows up on her first three open letters to the prime minister. Sue is chair of Bremain in Spain and dedicates her time to campaigning for the rights of UK citizens in the EU.

The Scottish neverendum referendum

Ian Kinsey
Scottish Independence Referendum

The question of a Scottish independence referendum. To avoid a constitutional crisis Scotland and Westminster might need to look at Canada and Québec, and the Czech-Slovak velvet divorce?


Polarised politics and binary tribes

Seb Dance
polarised politics

Seb Dance, as our guest author, writes about polarised politics and how most issues are perceived as binary. In fact, politics is more complex and citizens cannot be divided into two tribes; the EU is a key example of this.

Covid and Brexit: a pair of thieves

Sue Wilson

Sue Wilson writes about the impact of Covid and Brexit on our lives over the past year; ties with the EU have been severed, divisions over lockdowns have arisen, and sadly not everything we have lost can be replaced, namely trust in our government.

Save British Farming

Pauline Allon
british farming

Pauline Allon writes about the impact Brexit and the Australian trade deal could have on British farming; Australian meat could flood into the UK market with their cheaper meat, where animal welfare is not a priority.