Author: Sue Wilson

Originally from Oxford, Sue has lived in Spain since 2007. As chair of Bremain in Spain, Sue campaigns for the rights of British citizens in Spain and across the EU, and for the restoration of voting rights for Brits abroad.

Open Letter to Boris Johnson from Sue Wilson, MBE

Sue Wilson
Letter to Boris Johnson

Sue Wilson, now a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, follows up on her first three open letters to the prime minister. Sue is chair of Bremain in Spain and dedicates her time to campaigning for the rights of UK citizens in the EU.

Covid and Brexit: a pair of thieves

Sue Wilson

Sue Wilson writes about the impact of Covid and Brexit on our lives over the past year; ties with the EU have been severed, divisions over lockdowns have arisen, and sadly not everything we have lost can be replaced, namely trust in our government.

Is it time to drop the divisive labels?

Sue Wilson
Brexit Remainer Leaver

Now the UK is no longer an EU member state – even in Brexit is still far from ‘done’ – are those labels still relevant or helpful? Do the vast majority of the British public even care about Brexit anymore?

Brexit 100

Covid and the treatment of Brits in the EU

Sue Wilson
Brits in Spain

Brits in the EU are traditionally ignored by mainstream media, unless they misbehave. Sue Wilson comments on the treatment of Brits abroad and the recent refusal of entry into Spain. Both covid and Brexit played a role in this.

Stereotypes of Brits abroad

Sue Wilson
brits abroad stereotype

Sue Wilson, who lives in Spain, challenges the stereotype of Brits abroad, suggesting that the press are responsible for the image of gin-drinking, golf players. She points out that until EU citizens in the UK are called ‘expats’, she too will remain a ‘British immigrant’.

Open letter to Health Secretary Matt Hancock

Sue Wilson

Sue Wilson writes to Matt Hancock, to offer her support and well-intentioned advice. “You’ve been getting a lot of stick lately over the whole ‘contracts for cronies’ scandal. I appreciate that these are times of national crisis, and that normal rules don’t apply, but you need some better excuses I’m afraid.”

Will the electoral integrity bill reduce or increase democratic participation?

Sue Wilson

We’ve been patient, as the numbers of disenfranchised voters have grown. We’ve watched from a distance as major decisions about the future of the UK have been made without our involvement. Decisions that affect us deeply. It’s time to give us the voice we’ve so long been promised, and in time for the next general election. Even if the government might not like what we have to say.

3rd Open letter to Boris Johnson

Sue Wilson

I look forward, with interest, to see what japes you might come up with next. Having a jester for a prime minister doesn’t always look wise, but it sure can be a lot of fun in these depressing times, so keep up the good work!

Biden gives the world hope

Sue Wilson

We may have to wait four more years for a sea change in the UK. Who knows where the current government’s journey will take us in the meantime, or how much damage they might do in their time in power. We can only hope that with Trump now removed, the failures, lies and extremism of our own self-absorbed leader with be exposed for all the world to see, and to scorn.

2nd open letter to Boris Johnson

Sue Wilson

Sue Wilson follows up on her last open letter to the prime minister. “I also want to congratulate you on still being prime minister. I wasn’t sure that you would last this long when I last wrote, but I stand corrected. I’m very happy about this, as I really think that the Brexit to come – whether a hard deal or no deal – should have your name all over it. You deserve nothing less, especially as I know how you like to take all the credit.”

Open letter to Boris Johnson

Sue Wilson

Dear Prime Minister, I thought I’d write to you, sooner rather than later, as I’ve little confidence of your remaining a resident of number 10 for too much longer. First let me reassure you as to the purpose of my correspondence. The last time I wrote to a sitting prime minister was just before I […]

Going to Europe next year?

Sue Wilson

On 18 September, the newly merged Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office launched a public information campaign for post-Brexit travellers to Europe – Going to Europe next year? The campaign is designed to “help British travellers prepare for changes when visiting Europe from 1 January 2021”. Any new government campaign usually warrants a catchy new slogan, […]

Spain’s welcome message to UK citizens

Sue Wilson

“Many of you have built your homes here and we want you to stay . . . You are part of the Spanish family. You are part of us. The Spanish Government is here to support you in this new phase and we want to send you a very clear message: this is, and will […]