Author: Steve Pottinger

Steve is a poet, author, and a founding member of Wolverhampton arts collective Poets, Prattlers, and Pandemonialists. His work has appeared in magazines and anthologies, and he’s a regular contributor to online poetry platforms. Earlier this year, his poem ‘Fatima’, written in response to *that* government advert, went viral. You can discover more of his work via his website or follow him on Twitter @BigStevePoet

Welcome to Schrödinger’s Border

Steve Pottinger

Welcome to Schroedinger’s Border. This is the border in the Irish Sea which the UK government negotiated and which the UK government says doesn’t exist, and which is both there and not there as long as it’s kept in a box and nobody looks at it.

Brexit reality hits for British imports

Steve Pottinger

Steve Pottinger speaks with people on the ground as British importers struggle with the reality of trade outside of the European Union. “Given the lengthy negotiations which preceded this treaty, it’s hard to imagine much goodwill in the EU if and when it comes to helping dig the UK out of a hole it’s chosen to jump into. The implications of that are profoundly worrying for us all.”

“He’s following the science, mate”

Steve Pottinger

“Doing more work on your car then, Tim?” “Nope.” “But – ” “Not this time.” “Quite a few modifications there, though.” “Yep.” “So…?” “Nothing to do with me, Steve.” “Really?” “I’ve learned my lesson…” “That’s great news, Tim.”  “…and I’ve got an expert in.” “Music to my ears, Tim. Who is it?” “Spaffa.” “Spaffa??!!” “Yep, […]

“Cramping my inalienable right to determine my own destiny as a free man”

Steve Pottinger

“Working on your car again, Tim?” “Yep.” “Checking the spark plugs? Topping up the oil?” “Nah, mate. Taking out the airbags.” “The airbags??!!” “That’s right.” “But why on earth…?” “Don’t want anything to do with them, mate.” “Well, none of us want anything to *do* with them, Tim. They’re just there for emergencies.” “They’re a […]