Author: Séamus O’Hanlon

Séamus is a student at the University of Leeds studying philosophy, politics and economics. He grew up in Scarborough, North Yorkshire then moved to Sheffield, then Rotherham, in his teens and now resides in West Yorkshire. Séamus is a cultural writer for Yorkshire Bylines and also writes for The Gryphon.

State of Happiness: A confident, clean break from Scandi noir

Séamus O’Hanlon

This Norwegian drama is tailor-made for English-speaking audiences; a small-town setting that overnight is invaded by alluring American strangers, stuffy legislators and big oil itself, all looking for the next boom. The series starts with a charismatic Texan, arrogantly determined that there is still plenty of oil off the Norwegian coast. Stavanger is a small […]

Lockdown viewing: Our Friends in the North

Séamus O’Hanlon

If you enjoy The Crown, a show with an impressive scope, spanning decades and revealing insights to recent British history, then this is an alternative for you during lockdown. Our Friends in the North may not have had the same budget and gloss, but it is a powerful creation that focuses on ordinary people. A […]