Author: Sarah Cobham

Sarah is a writer, artist, chief executive of Dream Time Creative and founder of Dream Time Baby Massage. With 22 years teaching English and drama in local schools, Sarah's commitment to enabling and emboldening the female voice through creativity has made her a figurehead for positive change. Born in Australia but having made Wakefield her forever home since 1993, Sarah intends the city to become the first in the UK to achieve #blueplaqueparity through her Forgotten Women of Wakefield campaign.

International Women's Day

Forgotten Women of Wakefield: Ann Hurst

Sarah Cobham

Ann Hurst was Wakefield’s most powerful business woman who owned a book- store, tea room and chemist. As owner of the radical Wakefield and Halifax Journal, she was able to educate her readers about the horrors of slavery and directly influenced the outcome of the 1832 election which put Wakefield’s first Liberal MP, Daniel Gaskell in Parliament on the Abolitionist platform.