Author: Rick Dillon

Rick started out as a reporter on an evening newspaper at the age of 18, later graduating from Warwick University. He was an assistant chief sub-editor on the Daily Mirror during the Maxwell era, later working for the Sunday Telegraph. From 1998, as a food industry journalist, he covered both the organics boom and the dairy sector. Now retired and living in Hastings, he is one of the team producing Sussex Bylines.

Another MP in the sexual spotlight

Rick Dillon

What is it about politicians and their sexual urges? The latest scandal involves a Tory MP allegedly propositioning an intern, but the history of indiscretions goes back a long way, and despite the chance of being caught out now almost a given in our media age, our political class doesn’t seem to be behaving any […]

Daddy’s Girl finally faces the music

Rick Dillon

Jeffrey Epstein was not the first monster in Ghislaine Maxwell’s life. That ‘accolade’ goes to her late father Robert Maxwell, newspaper proprietor and one-time Labour MP, described by those who knew him as a confidence trickster, cheat and bully, who bamboozled corporate Britain in the late 1980s and early 1990s and swindled his way to […]