Author: Richard Corbett

Richard is a former MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber and is the former Labour Leader in the European Parliament. He sits on the Labour Party national executive committee (NEC) and is a member of the shadow cabinet. He is honorary vice president of the UK European Movement and honorary president of Grimethorpe Colliery Band.

Failing? Blame someone else!

Richard Corbett

The Daily Telegraph carried a remarkable article yesterday claiming that the main obstacle to getting a post Brexit deal on trade (and other matters) with the EU is simply the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier. Blaming a Frenchman always goes down well with parts of the British public, but lashing out at Barnier is facile. […]

Time to drop the silly shibboleths

Richard Corbett

One of the more ludicrous aspects of the ongoing standoff between the government and the EU is the announcement by Michael Gove that, for reasons of “national sovereignty”, it will not countenance the EU having an office in Northern Ireland.  Yet, the USA has a fully fledged consulate in Northern Ireland. So do China, India, Poland […]