Author: Richard Carden

Richard is a retired senior civil servant who has worked at top level in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, the Department of Trade and Industry and the European Commission.

A price worth paying for ‘free’ trade? (part 2)

Richard Carden

Former civil servant Richard Carden dives into just what sovereignty means, and what we may have to pay for it. “There will be some costs to our newfound sovereignty; economic costs already traced out here, and political costs in establishing impact on the international scene. “


A price worth paying for ‘free’ trade?

Richard Carden

As of now all we have succeeded in is recreating for ourselves the trade opportunities we were about to lose by leaving the EU. To claim these are new opportunities, as ministers have repeatedly done – what is that if not conscious and wilful deception of the uninformed public?
We are entitled to expect great things from the vast amount more time Defra will have to devote to British interests.