Author: Ray Kershaw

West Riding born and bred, after in two decades in Scandinavia, Ray has lived in North Yorkshire for the past 30 years. His newspaper stories have featured in the Independent, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, New European and many magazines. Broadcast features range from programmes as diverse as Radio 4’s The Food Programme and Home Truths, to Four Corners, In Living Memory and From Our Own Correspondent.

In praise of (once) great men

Ray Kershaw

We like to think the best of men, especially when they’re gone. Indeed, there are some people, and I confess I am one, so empathetic that had avuncular Adolf been cruelly impaled, lynched, poisoned or otherwise bumped off – or (perhaps even worse?) democratically removed – before fulfilling his life’s destiny of annihilating millions, and […]

Quarantine quadrille: remembering the foreign travel allowance

Ray Kershaw

Quarantine here, quarantine there; quarantine maybe, maybe quarantine not. A game from Alice in Wonderland? Can you, can’t you, can you, can’t you, can you … well, can you bleeding go or not? Another fine mess you got us into, Johnson (slap!). But is there method in this misery? A Cummings world-beating wheeze (for once […]

A tale of two flags

Ray Kershaw

Two glorious banners, twelve lustrous golden stars above a dazzling white rose, assure every passer-by that there’s some corner of a Yorkshire lawn that is forever Europe. Both are veterans of street stalls and great London marches but neither flew above our garden before that bleak first day of February 2020. They flew in anguish, […]