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Government cuts in international aid may affect women and girls

Pauline Allon
International aid cuts

In Malawi, covid and the lack of tourism has ground much of the local economy to a halt, leaving many established tourist destinations, particularly in game parks, reserves and lodges near to Lake Malawi, empty and silent. In this context, the international aid cuts recently proposed by our government will have a devastating impact.

Save British Farming

Pauline Allon
british farming

Pauline Allon writes about the impact Brexit and the Australian trade deal could have on British farming; Australian meat could flood into the UK market with their cheaper meat, where animal welfare is not a priority.

When will the government recognise animal sentience in UK law?

Pauline Allon

Pauline Allon looks at the battle to protect animal rights from future trade deals, and the need to recognise animal sentience. “The legal requirement to acknowledge that animals are sentient creatures that will go furthest towards guarding against the importing of meat from cruelly raised animals.”

The tragic life and death of Lisa Montgomery

Pauline Allon

Pauline Allon details the life and death of Lisa Montgomery, one of the last people to be executed during Donald Trump’s term in office. Montgomery herself lived with mental illness, and her death was ruled as “vicious, illegal and unnecessary”.


The BBC, the right wing and the people

Pauline Allon

The BBC faces a rocky road ahead, with the Dowden enquiry and the appointment of the new chairperson – former Goldman Sachs banker, and Conservative Party donor. Richard Sharp. And Cummings’ departure will not make a difference to its survival, the damage has been done. The lies spoken and the criticism will continue.

Corporate control of Britain’s farming after Brexit, and why it matters

Pauline Allon

According to Greenpeace, a small number or US companies control the food industry worldwide, reducing farmers’ say in what is grown and how to grow it and leaving little choice for the consumer. This is industrial agriculture. The US Department of Agriculture defines factory farming as a system that houses more than 1,000 cattle, 2,500 […]

Chlorinated chicken is just the tip of the iceberg

Pauline Allon

During the 2016 referendum campaign, senior Leave figures promised a UK-US trade deal as one of the major prizes of Brexit. This is now the ambition of the UK government. But an investigation by Unearthed has revealed that a powerful lobby group, representing US chicken producers, is working with allies in Congress “to demand that […]

Have you heard about Ractopamine in animal production?

Pauline Allon

It’s understandable that British farmers want to export their products to Europe, America and the rest of the world. Already, some 40 per cent of our lamb is currently exported to Europe and the National Farmers’ Union has warned that 25 per cent or more of UK farmers could go out of business in the […]