Author: Paul Bright

Born in South Wales and married with two children, the youngest 6 years old, Paul has almost 50 years geological experience in mining and mineral exploration. The work has enabled him to visit many countries in the world. In retirement, he maintains an interest in geology, mining and climate change, enjoys cycling, rugby, athletics and reading.

The ‘Excuse for a Trip’ Club

Paul Bright
Barnard Castle

Paul Bright remembers the Six Nations’ ‘excuse for a trip’ club, where clubs went on day excursions. He honours some individuals who are experts at trips out, Dominic Cummings is just one of them!


Luxury caterpillar takes on budget caterpillar

Paul Bright
colin the caterpillar

Paul Bright, in his first article for Yorkshire Bylines, explains the rivalry between Colin the Caterpillar from M&S and Cuthbert from Aldi. Will M&S have a chance at winning the judicial review, or should there be, as Judge Rinder put it, ‘caterpillars everywhere’?