Author: Oliver Lawrie

Studying modern languages at the University of Leeds, Oliver is currently on placement year with an international haulier in Austria, where he has started learning French. A keen writer and linguist, his research interests include society, culture, economics and politics; having a paper accepted to a German language conference last year. He has previously worked as a translator with German and English writers on the Leeds:Dortmund 50 project, and he currently writes for and co-edits a university journal.

Politics in the digital age: is social media damaging democracy?

Oliver Lawrie

What do the likes Facebook and Twitter mean for the future of Western Democracy? Oliver Lawrie takes a critical look at the relationship between healthy democracy and social media as a tool for democratic emancipation, considering why social media does significantly more harm than it does good.

Monolingualism: the thorn in post-Brexit Britain’s side

Oliver Lawrie

Oliver Lawrie looks at how our lack of knowledge of other languages will impede us in the post-Brexit world. “Fewer than 3,000 students sat A-level German in 2018. That’s about 5 percent of the number of people who would attend one average football match in the UK.”