Author: Michael Hindley

Michael was a Labour MEP for East Lancashire, and a former adviser to the European Economic and Social Committee. He is now a freelance writer and lecturer on international politics. He can be found on Twitter @HindleyLancs

Who will be Biden’s best friend in Europe?

Michael Hindley

Former MEP Michael Hindley looks at Biden’s burgeoning relationships with European leaders and the race to find the new ‘special relationship’ across the Atlantic. International relations abhor a vacuum and Brexit has created one for others to step into.

Is there a way back to the EU?

Michael Hindley

As a Lancastrian European, let me begin by taking my hat off to ‘Leeds for Europe’ for recently getting the EU flag hoisted over Leeds Town Hall. However for any ‘rejoin’ campaign to gain traction, those who wish to have remained members of the EU must surely realise that even if Brexit proves to be […]