Author: Marc Limon

Marc is executive director of the Universal Rights Group, a think tank focused on international human rights policy, with offices in Geneva, New York, and Bogota. From 2006 to 2012 he worked as a diplomat at the UN Human Rights Council and before this he was a government relations consultant in Brussels, advising a range of clients on EU external relations, human rights, trade and environmental policy. He is a Hull boy and Tigers fan.


Reviewing the chances of Labour returning to power

Marc Limon
labour election results

What do recent election results tell us about Labour’s chances of returning to power? This article, the first in a two-part series, will focus on the first of those categories: audience. Who does Labour need to reach out to? Which parts of the British electorate should be prioritised?


The democratic fightback

Marc Limon

Marc Limon provides a more optimistic view of the future of liberal democracy. Its political and civil rights ensure that leaders are held accountable for their actions.

What would a Biden win mean for US and global democracy?

Marc Limon

With the US presidential election tomorrow, and millions of votes already cast through early voting and absentee ballots, in an election cycle fraught with fears about voter suppression and the weakening of American democracy, a speech given by Democratic candidate Joe Biden that centres democracy at home and abroad has taken on greater meaning. On […]

How Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign used AI to suppress the votes of black Americans

Marc Limon

On 28 September, Channel 4 News revealed that it had obtained a data cache used by Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, which contained evidence that the campaign had sought to use digital technology to deter 3.5 million black Americans from voting, by targeting them with tailored, negative ads. While digital tools and social media platforms […]

A-level furore the tip of the iceberg: how digital technology and artificial intelligence threaten social welfare, social rights and social justice

Marc Limon

The scandal around this year’s A-level results, and in particular the application of an algorithm to help predict students’ grades based on the historic performance of their school, drew unprecedented attention to the use of digital technology solutions in national social policy. The consequent public outcry eventually forced Boris Johnson and Gavin Williamson into another […]

Covid-19: the Achilles’ heel of the world’s populist leaders

Marc Limon

The rise of populist leaders around the world, with their particularly Orwellian brand of post-truth politics, has been one of the defining geopolitical trends of the past five years. From Trump to Orban, Bolsonaro to Johnson, and Erdogan to Modi, these politicians have seemed to carry all before them. Yet perhaps they have finally met […]