Author: Lesley Hatfield

Lesley is 68yrs old and has been married for 50yrs. She's a mum of 2, a grandma of 2, an animal activist and a prolific amateur singer/song writer. Lesley has lived on a plant-based diet for 40 years - originally because of animal cruelty but now also due to the state of the planet. Her main aim in life, even if only to play a tiny part in laying the foundation for change, is to make some difference to the planet and the poor desperate animals.

Join the debate: ‘Meat Free Mondays’ in schools or not?

Lesley Hatfield

How do you feel about your little ones being given a meat free school dinner one day a week? Research suggests that the one single thing we can all do to help solve the climate crisis and prevent future pandemics is to move away from eating meat, fish and dairy products every day. As a […]