Author: Kerry Pearson

Kerry is studying international history and politics at the University of Leeds. She is interested in geopolitical issues and has written for The Gryphon newspaper on different international events. Kerry is passionate about helping others and enjoys discussing current events - particularly humanitarian and race issues - with friends and family. She previously spent a month in Zambia and Botswana, where she participated in charity work at an orphanage and a white rhino sanctuary.

Review of Biden’s first few days

Kerry Pearson

Kerry Pearson reviews Biden’s first couple of weeks in the White House. His focus has been on reversing Trump-era legislation, rolling out the vaccine, restoring multilateralism and increasing welfare benefits for those impacted by the pandemic.

Introducing our Biden 100 series

Kerry Pearson

Kerry Pearson introduces the new Yorkshire Bylines series, ‘Biden 100’. Why is pressure put on presidents for their first 100 days, and what can they realistically accomplish in this time?

The cost of an American election: put your money where your vote is

Kerry Pearson

Democracy comes at a high price. Needless to say, US elections are more expensive than anywhere else in the world and their value is only climbing. Taking into account inflation and rising prices, the cost of an election has increased more than 250 times from Abraham Lincoln in 1860 to Donald Trump in 2016, where […]

‘Common Sense Group’ provides thin veil for Tory culture wars

Kerry Pearson

A new group has emerged within the Tory ranks who are attempting to rewrite history under the thinly veiled disguise of standing up for “common sense”. The so-called ‘Common Sense Group’ (CSG) is a relatively new group of 59 Conservative MPs and seven peers. This cabal of right-wing politicians is just the latest page in […]

A new era for Chile?

Kerry Pearson

One of the last legacies of the period of military dictatorship in Chile is about to disappear. Last week, in a landslide referendum victory, 78 percent of Chileans voted to rewrite the Pinochet-era constitution. This comes a year after the outbreak of mass protests, sparked off by demonstrations in Santiago against rising public transport fares. […]

Assessing what Joe Biden needs to do to win the election

Kerry Pearson

If election history has taught us anything, it is probably to not blindly believe the polls. Currently, Joe Biden, the democrat candidate, is leading in national and state polls, and is set to do well in swing states like North Carolina, Iowa and Michigan. But polls will not win Biden the presidency, and there are […]

Haribo displays Brexit’s not-so-sweet side in Pontefract

Kerry Pearson
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Earlier this month, the Haribo company announced it was ceasing production of Moam products at its £92m factory in Castleford, leading to hundreds of factory job losses. Jon Hughes, director of Haribo, said this was a necessary response to a highly competitive market. But the timing of the job losses is bad; at this time […]

How will Covid-19 affect Europe’s beloved Schengen?

Kerry Pearson

“The risk we are facing is the death of Schengen.” Emmanuel Macron to EU leaders, 26 March 2020 As if Brexit was not enough to disrupt the harmony of the EU, Covid-19 poses a huge threat to European free travel. The ‘Schengen Area’, set up thirty-five years ago, is the passport-free EU zone that spans […]