Author: Kerry Pearson

Kerry is studying international history and politics at the University of Leeds. She is interested in geopolitical issues and has written for The Gryphon newspaper on different international events. Kerry is passionate about helping others and enjoys discussing current events - particularly humanitarian and race issues - with friends and family. She previously spent a month in Zambia and Botswana, where she participated in charity work at an orphanage and a white rhino sanctuary.

How will Covid-19 affect Europe’s beloved Schengen?

Kerry Pearson

“The risk we are facing is the death of Schengen.” Emmanuel Macron to EU leaders, 26 March 2020 As if Brexit was not enough to disrupt the harmony of the EU, Covid-19 poses a huge threat to European free travel. The ‘Schengen Area’, set up thirty-five years ago, is the passport-free EU zone that spans […]