Author: Jon Danzig

Jon is an award winning medical and investigative journalist, formerly at the BBC. He specialises in health, human rights and the European Union - exposing mistruths about migrants, refugees, human rights, the EU ... and now, coronavirus.

The threat of no-deal was a hoax

Jon Danzig

Jon Danzig examines the idea that ‘no deal’ Brexit was only ever intended to be a threat, so that we’d be happy with whatever deal was agreed. It’s an old trick. Tell the people the worst-case-scenario looks probable, then sense the relief when it’s avoided – with something that’s also terrible, but not so terrible, so people don’t mind so much.

Refugees are neither migrants nor illegal

Jon Danzig

By making such a chancy crossing the only way to seek asylum here, the prime minister and home secretary are complicit in aiding and abetting odious gangsters who are making millions out of desolate people.