Author: John Harris

John Harris CBE DL has had four careers. He was in local government (incl as chief executive of South Yorkshire Metropolitan County Council) and then in the private sector as a company director working in the UK and overseas. He has held non-executive government and other director appointments and is a trustee of a number of Yorkshire-based arts, housing and community charities. He is a passionate European and supporter of One Yorkshire; he lives in Harrogate.

The scale of our national agony in 2020 needs a radical vision

John Harris

On 1 October, the UK2070 Commission published its latest report, ‘Go Big Go Local; a new deal for levelling up the UK’. We can compare the ambitions of this report with the speech of the prime minister at the virtual Conservative Party conference and whether the government shares to any extent at all the idea […]

The inspirational RBG: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

John Harris

It is such sad news that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died. This is obviously not going to be an obituary (there will be plenty of those for us to read); it is intended as a personal tribute by someone who never met her, never heard her speak in person, never even saw her in person; […]

The unfolding saga of the proposed unitary authorities for North Yorkshire

John Harris

To recap – the government has proposed that God’s Own County of Yorkshire should not operate as One Yorkshire Together, but as four separate areas, each with an executive mayor, elected through proportional representation, to work alongside unitary local government councils. That puts the cat amongst the local government pigeons in North Yorkshire, as there are […]

Proposals for a North Yorkshire executive mayor

John Harris
brown bridge on green grass field near mountain

Once Yorkshire had three ridings – then we had four short-lived county councils – now the government offers us four executive mayors. Those who promote the concept of One Yorkshire are going to have to persuade themselves that four mayors is a step in the right direction. In due course perhaps a more sympathetic government […]