Author: John Cole

Is there just a hint of Apartheid in Shipley?

John Cole

In my life there are three or four things which I find deeply embarrassing. Top of this list is that fact that I live in the Shipley constituency and hence my member of parliament is Philip Davies. Some readers will be familiar with the carefully managed Davies profile. He is a right of centre Conservative who […]

Rescuing the economy – the Keynesian way

John Cole
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Just about everyone is aware of the huge increases in government spending in the last seven months, as the government bankrolls the economy in a world where many workers have been furloughed or made redundant. Not only has government expenditure increased, but the 20 percent reduction in economic activity means that tax receipts have fallen […]

What happens when ‘the chaps’ are no longer ‘good’?

John Cole

Radio 4 has a most amusing comedy programme: ‘The Unbelievable Truth’. In this, four panellists take it in turns each to spin an amusing yarn that is all lies – except for five truths hidden in the tissue of falsehood. Boris Johnson is clearly a fan of programme and has managed to turn prime minister’s […]