Author: Javed Bashir

Javed is the Liberal Democrats parliamentary spokesperson and former parliamentary candidate for Calder Valley. He holds a masters degree in innovation and has over two decades of industry experience working on cutting-edge projects across the globe. He is an innovation advisor at the University of York supporting SMEs in the Leeds City Region. Born and bred in Yorkshire, Javed has a passion for making the region a real economic powerhouse.

Multigenerational is the new black

Javed Bashir

First, it was minority ethnics, then Blacks Live Matter and now Asians – the popular trope doing the rounds for why the North is being locked down is now multigenerational households. Yes, multigenerational is the new black. Craig Whitaker, Conservative MP for Calder Valley, gave an interview on LBC radio with Ian Payne on 31 […]

Decade of dissonance

Javed Bashir

Part one of a three part series on social change The world is different, especially since Covid-19 emerged and a meagre four months ago the global pandemic triggered a lockdown of the UK economy. But the UK has been different since 2010; we have lived through a decade of dissonance and could now face a […]