Author: Jane Dawson

Jane hails from rural North Yorkshire, but has lived all over the world. She moved to London to work for a think tank and to bring up her family. Jane now works as an international communications and public engagement consultant. Her interests stretch from politics, the arts and literature, to yoga and the natural world. She is passionate about mitigating the effects of the climate crisis.

To refuse to kill is a cause worth dying for: remembering the Richmond Sixteen

Jane Dawson

Scratched on the walls of Richmond Caste in North Yorkshire is graffiti you won’t find in any history book. It tells the story of 16 young men imprisoned in the castle, sentenced to death for their beliefs. In 1916, 28-year-old Norman Gaudie, a well-known northern footballer and a Quaker, was imprisoned without fair trial in […]

Will museums and galleries reopen soon?

Jane Dawson

The cultural sector has been one of the hardest hit parts of the economy during the last few months. This is mainly down to the mixed revenue streams they have been forced to adopt, as public money was cut and cut. Many smaller galleries and museums are now facing insolvency.

Food poverty is everywhere in 21st century UK

Jane Dawson

All credit to Marcus Rashford for forcing the government to finally face up to the issue of food poverty. For a decade at least, those on the front line have watched the government rely on charities and food banks to support failures in the benefit system. The introduction of universal credit in 2013 left the […]

New travel quarantine rules too late for UK

Jane Dawson

Home Secretary Priti Patel, this week confirmed that almost all arrivals to the UK will be expected to isolate for 14 days. Three months into the lockdown, introducing a quarantine period now is too late. Back in March when the prospect of a UK lockdown still seemed the stuff of fiction, I was working in […]

Rural Yorkshire fears city exodus

Jane Dawson

Lockdown has forced many people to reassess their lives. Work and life look very different now to three months ago. Relieved of their city offices, people have turned to thinking about where they would really like to live. According to data released in May by property website Rightmove, searches by urbanites looking for a property […]