Author: James Powell

James has recently completed his masters in global political economy at the University of Sheffield. He has a varied focus ranging from the impact of the state and institutions, to the economic and political structure of the international social order. After writing dissertations - on the impact of the war on drugs on wellbeing in Latin America, and on the compatibility of veganism and capitalism - he is continuing his exploration of these themes with Yorkshire Bylines.

Neom: has Saudi Arabia crossed the line?

James Powell
The Line NEOM

James Powell explains ‘Neom’: the ‘planned new future’ residential area. The area will operate outside of Saudi laws, an attempt to make it more attractive. But what will this mean for Middle Eastern relations, in particular those with Israel?

GameStop vs Wall Street: ‘r/freemarketfailure’

James Powell

The American videogame retailer ‘GameStop’ was trending in the news and on social media recently. This was the result of millions of, mostly young, members of online forum ‘Reddit’ uniting to talk up the value of GameStop after realising that hedge funds such as Melvin Capital Management had bet against the US retailer.

Veganuary: commercialised ethics

James Powell

Enthusiasm for veganism this January must not be perceived as a bad thing, it is a step towards a better world but, this article is a cautionary marker that not consuming meat is not enough. We must be more conscious of the global environmental impact of all the produce we consume. Veganism is not just a diet it is a worldview.


The National Lottery: a gamble for prosperity

James Powell

The National Lottery is a state-franchised gambling enterprise, which has been on our televisions for nearly three decades, the first draw taking place in May of 1994. Like other national lotteries it represents an opportunity to ‘get rich quick’ for ordinary citizens. It justifies its existence by using some of its profits to fund projects […]