Author: Jack Walker

Jack is a masters journalism student who lives in Leeds. He studied history and politics at undergraduate level. He also works part-time in a bar in Leeds, so do say hello if you see him! His main interests include the environment, American politics and local news.

Debunking the lunacy of #NotAllMen

Jack Walker
#notallmen lunacy

Jack Walker picks apart the lunacy of the hashtag #NotAllMen, which attempts to make people aware that not all men harass women. He acknowledges the privilege that men possess in terms of safety, and urges men to do more by calling out misogyny.


No more Donald Trump

Jack Walker

Jack Walker says a farewell to articles about Donald Trump, after explaining the impact that the media had in helping Trump get elected. “The Trump administration should serve as a future reminder to the media of the power of our reporting – our words matter, what we write matters.”

Trump leaves behind shaky US-Iranian relations as a parting gift for Biden

Jack Walker

The world is collectively, silently, holding its breath that the incoming Biden administration can return a sense of normality and decency, both to the United States and to the globe. Jack Walker assesses what Donald Trump’s presidency has meant for peace in the Middle East, and what the challenge this presents Joe Biden.

Assessing how Donald Trump can defy the odds again

Jack Walker

With just a week to go until Election Day, things don’t look good for President Trump. His approval rating has still never topped 50 percent (the first president since polling began to have a continually negative approval rating) and he looks set for an historic loss against his Democratic rival Joe Biden. But this narrative […]

US election 101: everything you need to know

Jack Walker

Tuesday 3 November will see incumbent President Donald Trump of the Republican Party square off against former Vice-President Joe Biden of the Democratic Party in the 2020 presidential election. There are a number of differences between elections in the United States and those in the United Kingdom, so read on for everything you need to […]

What will our transport systems look like after Covid-19?

Jack Walker

The government has recently announced new powers for local councils to protect cyclists and target drivers who misuse cycle lanes. The announcement comes as more people have taken to cycling as an alternative method of transport during lockdown. Cycling minister Chris Heaton-Harris has given local authorities the power to use CCTV cameras to issue fines […]

Leeds City Centre goes purple in George Floyd tribute

Jack Walker

Three prominent buildings in the centre of Leeds were lit purple last night as a tribute to George Floyd, the African-American man whose death at the hands of police has sparked international protests. The Civic Hall, Town Hall and Leeds City Museum were all bathed in purple light, the colour of anti-racism protests worldwide. In […]

Teachers feel unsafe returning to school today

Jack Walker

Today, 1 June 2020, is a bittersweet day for teachers. It is the day that many Reception, Year One and Year Six pupils return to school and so too will they. Of course, some teachers have remained in schools throughout the pandemic for the children of key workers, but now they will be joined by […]

After Covid-19, the economy needs to turn green

Jack Walker

Across the globe, society is beginning to wonder what the world might look like when Covid-19 is under control. One of the key questions is how to kick-start the economy once we come out of lockdown. Many companies are already looking at how to get thousands of people back into work; many people are also […]

British Airways pulls out of Leeds Bradford airport leaving expansion plans in chaos

Jack Walker

British Airways has announced it will terminate all of its flights between Leeds Bradford airport and Heathrow. The announcement deals a blow to the controversial expansion plans, recently submitted by Leeds Bradford airport’s owners, AMP Capital. A spokesperson for British Airways said, “We are sorry to suspend our flights to Leeds Bradford after many years. […]

Yorkshire air quality improves during coronavirus lockdown

Jack Walker

Global carbon dioxide emissions fell by 17 per cent thanks to coronavirus lockdown measures, according to a study published in the journal Nature Climate Change. Yorkshire Bylines can now report that air quality across the county has also improved. The World Air Quality Index project (AQICN) has installed sensors across the world – in Yorkshire, […]