Author: Isabel Ralphs

Isabel grew up in Glasgow and is now a student at the University of Leeds, studying philosophy, politics and economics. She attended high school in both Scotland and the United States and has a keen interest in social and political subjects – particularly in relation to gender issues, economics and US politics.

Trump’s presidential legacy – a redundant constitution

Isabel Ralphs

Last week, Donald Trump signed an executive order to send federal troops into Portland, in yet another attempt to clamp down on the free speech of his opposition. This is only the latest in a string of events over the last four years that have violated the very principles on which the United States’ constitution […]

Sex workers further marginalised during pandemic

Isabel Ralphs
silhouette of woman during sunset

Lockdown has pushed some women in our local communities even further into the shadows, as the government fails to account for the unique needs of marginalised women, leaving sex workers, ex-offenders and the female homeless poverty-stricken and highly vulnerable.