Author: Dr Hywel Ceri Jones

Dr Jones was head of the European Commission’s first-ever department for education and youth policies in 1973, as well as the Commission’s director for education, training and youth. He played the leading role in the design, negotiation and management of several EU flagship programmes, notably Erasmus, Comett, Tempus and Petra. He was then designated as director of the Commission’s task force for human resources, education, training and youth, with responsibility for the oversight of all EU education programmes. Hywel has been awarded doctorates by many European universities and holds fellowships from universities worldwide, among many other awards for his contributions to international educational exchange.

Leaving Erasmus: a missed opportunity for the young people of the UK

Dr Hywel Ceri Jones

Dr Hywel Ceri Jones was the EU Commission’s director for education, training and youth when Erasmus was founded in 1987. He argues that the Scottish and Welsh governments should now jointly call on the UK parliament to reconsider and reject the rationale for the damaging decision to leave the Erasmus scheme, putting first the future of our young people and the interests of the four nations.