Author: Granville Williams

Granville is the editor of “It’s the Media, Stupid! The Media, the 2019 Election and the Aftermath” (2020) and edits MediaNorth which campaigns for strong regional media and strongly supports alternative media, both print and online.

What about the workers?

Granville Williams
festival of debate

Employers are using unscrupulous ‘fire and rehire’ tactics and employees struggle with the impact of the pandemic on wages and working conditions. Granville Williams sets the scene for two Festival of Debate events on trade union topics.

That Amazon vote: what went wrong?

Granville Williams
amazon vote

Granville Williams writes about the Amazon vote which was given to workers who voiced their discontentment with their treatment and working conditions. The ballot, however, was run in a way which made it difficult for workers to vote, and was ultimately a setback for trade unionism.

The Batley Cartoon Row

Granville Williams
Batley Grammar School

Granville Williams explains the cartoon row at Batley Grammar School, where a teacher showed an image of the Prophet Mohammed in a religious studies lesson. Since the lesson, there have been protests outside the school. The bigger debate though, is about freedom of speech and the rights in a pluralist society.

Trade unions put Amazon under spotlight

Granville Williams
Amazon Union Protest

Amazon owns a third of the warehouse space in the country, yet continues to treat its workers poorly. As Granville Williams writes, union action is becoming an increasingly common way of countering this malpractice.

Wapping: a powerful new film tells the story

Granville Williams

Wapping – The Workers’ Story is a film about the momentous year-long industrial dispute which began in 1986 when Rupert Murdoch plotted to move production of his papers overnight from central London’s Fleet Street to a secretly equipped and heavily guarded plant at Wapping, a docklands district in east London.

Defending our regional media

Granville Williams

Here’s a thought. Barry Hines’s novel, A Kestrel for a Knave, wouldn’t exist without the BBC. In particular without the key role of Alfred Bradley, a Leeds-based producer for the BBC North region based in Woodhouse Lane, Leeds from 1959 to 1980. Bradley fostered distinctive Northern talent on The Northern Drift – realists like Alan […]